Stream your content via TikTok's LIVE Feature

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform that has captivated the imaginations of millions.  TikTok is both educational and entertaining that it had seen a huge rise in popularity amidst the quarantine lockdown and its growth is showing no signs of stopping.


makes sharing creative content both fun and easy. It spurs creativity and helps app users showcase their talents through entertaining musical content. 

If you're looking to jump on in as a content creator in TikTok, here's what you need to know -

TikTok constantly innovates to bring in  more features to help its users improve their experience on the app. And one of its newest offerings is a Live feature, which creators can use to stream videos to their followers.

When streaming live, creators can communicate with fans in real time, and establish a closer connection by engaging with them. Users can interact with creators to ask questions or share ideas during the livestream, fostering a virtual connection between creators and followers, which can lead to deeper bonds within the community.

At present, the Live feature is  available to select accounts. TikTok creators  have yet to gain at least 1,000 followers on the app as a prerequisite, and should be at least 18 years old in order to livestream. 

Using TikTok's LIVE feature is simple, through the app's user-friendly interface. Here's what you need to do to start streaming.

Open your TikTok app, and log into your account.

Tap on the plus sign found at the bottom-center section of the screen.

Tap the "Live" button, located next to the option to start recording.

Enter the title of your livestream, then hit on "Go Live" to start.

If the option to go live does not appear on your account from the recording screen, it only means that you do not meet the necessary conditions to access this feature.
TikTok Live Q & A Feature

Through the Q & A feature, viewers can ask questions during a livestream, and hosts have the chance answer them formally. This feature is especially helpful for EduCreators, learning institutions, and subject matter experts on TikTok, enabling more dynamic discussions, information sharing, and knowledge exchanges. It also strengthens the learning experience for viewers. The live Q&A feature can work hand-in-hand with the short video Q&A feature, with one providing instant interaction, and the other providing a sustaining experience to users.

Hosts may turn the Q&A on and off anytime during a live stream. Questions can be seen on the live stream screen as they come in. Tap the Ask a question button to post a question, view all questions that have been posted, including those that have already been answered, and to see the current question being discussed. Your username and picture are displayed next to questions you ask, along with the number of likes that the question has received. 

If you are not in the live stream when the host responds to your question, you receive a notification that your question is currently being answered.

Tapping on a question will give viewers a quick preview of the user who posted it. Viewers may also report an inappropriate question by long-pressing on it, and tapping Report question. Live stream hosts can also remove or report inappropriate questions, as well as mute or block certain viewer accounts.

TikTok Live Co-Host Feature

TikTok Live's Co-Host feature allows a second host to join a live stream via split screen. Authorized hosts may invite suggested hosts or friends from the invite list, who are currently live streaming. If the other party accepts, the split screen live stream will begin. This co-hosting feature is currently open to users with at least 60K followers on the app. Both users need to have the co-hosting feature in order to for them to invite hosts and accept co-hosting invitations. A live stream can only be hosted by up to two users at a time, and there is no limit to the number of co-hosts that can be invited in sequence. The frame will change each time a host connects or disconnects from the live stream.

To invite a co-host to join your livestream, tap on the icon on the lower part of the screen to bring up the Interactive connection panel, then tap Host Connection to view the invitation list. Send an invitation to your preferred co-hosts by tapping the Invite button next to their names. Once tapped, the invite button turns grey, and a 10-second countdown starts. Within this period, your requested co-host may choose to accept or reject your invitation. Once accepted, a connection with the co-host will be established, and he or she will appear on the live stream with you via split screen. To disconnect your co-host from the live stream, tap on the same icon you used to establish the connection. A pop up asking if you are sure you want to disconnect from the other party will appear. Select Confirm to disconnect.
Sending gifts to streamers on TikTok Live

Users who are watching a livestream may send virtual gifts as a show of support and appreciation to their favorite creators. Each gift is equivalent to a certain number of coins, which need to be purchased using real money.

Creators can receive gifts while their livestream is ongoing, and these gifts are later converted into 'diamonds'. Diamonds can then be exchanged for cash. The total amount may be withdrawn by creators from TikTok through verified payment systems. Note that only users aged 18 and up can purchase, send, and receive virtual gifts on the app.

Featured TikTok Live Creator - Naruto Uzumaki

Those looking for creators to watch on TikTok LIVE should check out cosplayer, Naruto Uzumaki. Known for his finger dances, he is a top creator and high earner each week. He started out as a viewer on the app, until he discovered Chinese creator @cindy518c and her finger dance videos. Her content inspired him to create finger dance moves based on the hand signs of his favorite anime character, Naruto. As a fan, he had already memorized every hand sign in the anime. Before long, Naruto Uzumaki's hand dance videos started receiving millions of likes, and he also began getting featured on the foryoupage of the app. As someone who loves anime, and hopes to inspire fellow Naruto Shippuden fans, it brings him great joy that his Masked Naruto is know gaining recognition, desipite his identity remaining anonymous.

According to Naruto Uzumaki, "My intention in TikTok is just to do hand sign and to be appreciated purely with just a talent cause I believe talent doesn’t require face." He adds, "I feel so blessed cause TikTok helps me grow as a person, made alot of friends, as well as helping me grow my profession cause learning is a continues process in life. The more we explore the more we learn and thats the reason I’ve never run out of choreography in fingerdance. Dancing with fingers is more than just dancing with your body. TikTok Philippines made the Pinoy Naruto and I'm proud of it!"

Be sure to check out TikTok's newest Live feature, and try out sending virtual gifts to creators that you love on the app.

TikTok opens a goldmine of opportunities so now is the time to get rolling. Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today to get started.