5 Notable Women Who Shine Light on Other Women Online and in the Real World

TikTok holds #SheShines2021 webinar to celebrate International Women’s Day.

TikTok takes pride in being a positive and inclusive platform, where women are empowered to express themselves creatively and authentically. Female creators on the app have helped transform TikTok into a real, inspiring, fun, and educational space for all. Women have this innate gift to bring color into our lives and they continue to do so each time they share creative new content.

Antoinette Taus (@antoinettetaus)

Filipino-American actress, humanitarian, and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, Antointette Taus, is a long-time fixture in the local entertainment industry. Recognized as one of the most influential role models of the youth of her generation, Antoinette’s main mission is to empower the youth to take the lead in the transition toward a future that is centered on the betterment of people and the planet—without leaving anyone behind. She founded the non-profit organization “CORA” (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation) and the purpose-driven business “The Sustainable Planet”, which are dedicated to creating sustainable programs and solutions to help solve global issues focused on hunger, poverty, inequality, mental health, plastic pollution, and climate change.

For Antoinette, in order to be supportive of other women, you must first be kind.

“Uplifting each other, being kind to each other, not judging each other. Just imagine, you don’t even have to look for support if naturally we just always tried to either to be kind or uplift everything around us that women and the girls are doing.”

Pau Kimberly (@paukimberly)

Self-love advocate, Pau Kimberly, uses TikTok as a platform to make others feel better about themselves. In a lot of her videos, she encourages her followers, the women in particular, to rise up after each fall. In Pau’s content, one powerful message that we all need to hear shines through – “You are enough.”

“We as a society are not yet used to women standing up for themselves, women that are strong and independent, women that are empowered, women that are not believing in timelines, women that are very career-driven. I use my platform to raise awareness that we shouldn’t care about others’ opinions. We as women are enough, and are worthy, in our own rights.”

Veronica Limcaoco (@beloynica)

Veronica “Ron” Limacaoco is an active member of Girls Got Game PH (@girlsgotgameph), a non-profit organization that works to empower young women through sports. The group organizes roving sports camps in underprivileged areas throughout the Philippines. At Girls Got Game PH, young  females  learn how to play different sports, which helps them build self-confidence. As a result, Girls Got Game PH actually helps to build our country’s future, one self-reliant woman at a time.

Veronica believes that women must work together to empower one another.

“There’s no one perfect way to do things, like we are all after the same goal – Women empowerment. We are just doing it differently, I might be doing it through sports but in the end we only have the same goal, and it’s impossible for one person, one organization to do it all. So, the best thing to do is work together.”

Nove-Ann Tan (@ihomeschoolph)

Homeschooling advocate, Nove–Ann Tan, is a hands-on homeschooling mom who also provides support for other homeschoolers. She has also authored two books, “I Homeschool: How to Homeschool Without Losing Your Mind” and “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, and hosts a weekly podcast where she shares valuable insights and information on homeschooling.

For Nove-Ann, it is important to make other women feel that they are not alone in whatever they may be going through.

“It’s making a message that ‘Hey, you are not alone, I am here.’ Magtulungan tayo. Never be ashamed of your your weakness, of what you’re going through, because you will never know, you’ll be a blessing. May isang taong lang na mag-swipe sa TikTok mo, kahit na isang tao lang ang matulungan sa message mo, it would be very valuable.”

Maica Teves

Maica Teves is the Executive Director of Samahan ng mga Pilipina para sa Reporma at Kaunlaran (SPARK!),  an NGO composed of women who are committed to help empower and elevate more women to become active partners in national development. Maica feels that there is so much to be done each day to show support and encouragement towards other women.

“I’ve seen time and time again the tangible results of women supporting other women, and I always say that it always starts with even simple daily interaction . There are many ways that women can empower each other – By being a role model, by offering support, celebrating each other’s wins.”

To know more about their advocacies, please visit wearecora.org, girlsgotgame.ph, and sparkphilippines.org.

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  1. Agree sa sinabi ni Antonette, "Uplifting each other, being kind to each other, not judging each other". Instead na makipagcompete ka, learn to support or collaborate.

  2. I agree, we can work together to empower one another and change them to a must better person, giving them opportunity as well to empower and uplift other.

  3. Nice to know these women who helped transform TikTok into a real, inspiring, fun, and educational space for all. I am actually following Antonette Taus. I saw her updates about caring for environment and wildlife.

  4. Ooh, I've seen Pau on TikTok and I love her videos. She's so inspirational and I never get tired of her videos!

  5. im not too familiar with the others, except with Ms. Taus and i remember her having a little fund raiser way back Ondoy days pa. she is exemplary.. dami pala niya nagagawa until now! nakakatuwa!

  6. Always love how these women are so passionate on their chosen career and how the love reflects on their profession.

  7. As a newbie homeschooling mom, I regularly watch Ms. Tan's videos. I think what she said here, "Never be ashamed of your your weakness, of what you’re going through, because you will never know, you’ll be a blessing," is very empowering and uplifting!

  8. I have not used TikTok but I'm happy to know that there are many people using it for the good. I agree that we should be supportive of each other instead of being too competitive.


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