Liloan’s Pride Liempo opens in Greenhills

Roasted meat like liempo and lechon has always been part of feasts in our country. It turns an ordinary family gathering to a grand fiesta and completes any get-togethers.

Now, Liloan's Pride Liempo has become a byword when it comes to yummy, slow-roasted meat. The secret behind its flavorful perfection lies in choosing fresh herbs, spices and seasonings to marinade its choice cuts.

This renowned Cebu lechon chain recently opened its 8th branch in Greenhills Shopping Center where it offers its celebrated Cebu lechon-style liempo along with other classic Pinoy dishes that brings a taste of home away from home. This Cebu-style lechon comes in original (P 360) and spicy flavors (P 380).

Cebu Liempo (P 360) is roasted pork belly is infused with herbs. The well-seasoned meat is moist and pork tender! Meat is roasted evenly and has a delicious, thin crunchy skin that cracks easily.

Roasted Chicken (P 380) is oven-roasted whole chicken prepared in Cebu style.

They also offer enticing rice meals:

Beef Pares (P 99) is braised beef brisket stew served with soup and garlic rice.

  • Pochero (P 149) is choice pork belly slices in a tomato-based stew. It is a hefty all-in-ine meal with potatoes, garbanzos, green beans, cabbage, and plantains.

Go to Liloan’s Pride Liempo to indulge in authentic Cebuano food! Liloan’s Pride Liempo offers a variety of local Cebuano like Cebu’s Pride Litson Manok, and Cebu's Best Liempo. Liloan’s Pride Liempo is marinated in secrets herbs and spices that makes it one of the best tasting liempos in Metro Manila!

Liloan’s Pride Liempo
Ground Floor, Connecticut Arcade
Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan