Welch's celebrates 150 years of advocating for healthier nutritional choices

Today, Welch's celebrates 150 years of "sharing what's good" and advocating for healthier nutritional choices.

Welch's has nurtured generations of families with its natural goodness of grape juice for 150 years. And in celebration of this milestone, Welch's reminds consumers (especially moms) about making better nutritional choices at home that impacts their family's health and well-being. In a media event last July 27, 2019 held at 1771 Events Place, Welch's invited influencers Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon and Aliza Apostol of MustLoveMom to share how they discovered Welch's and what their kids love about it.

Host Adi Amor with mom influencers Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon and Aliza Apostol of MustLoveMom

Having a glass of Welch's 100% Grape Juice is like squeezing fresh grapes into your mouth.  There is No sugar added, No cholesterol and No preservatives.

The grapes in Welch's juices are proudly grown by the farmer families on small farms and sweetened by sunshine. Over 900 family farmer-owned vineyards across America put their heart into the product. Welch's uses juice uses the entire Concord grape---skin, seeds, and all--to release the plant's true pollyphenol power.  Welch's 100% Grape Juice delivers the delicious taste of Concord grapes in every glass. And there are 2 servings of fruit in each one.

"Each bottle of Welch's is made from Concord grapes, assuring moms that they give their kids a large, concentrated amount of polyphenols from a natural plant nutrient that plays a key role in supporting a healthy heart. These same polyphenols contribute to the antioxidant power of 100% grape juice, " adds Erika.

Welch's fruit drinks and snacks are distributed locally by Fly Ace Corporation. Fly Ace Corporation President Lucio Cochanco Jr. said that they are proud to carry the heritage brand. "We celebrate with Welch's as it marks 150 years. It is a product that we are proud of since it is well-loved for its nutritional values and the natural goodness that it gives to consumers. Moving forward, we want more Filipinos to share in the joy of drinking Welch's together especially during special occasions and family moments."

The real grape goodness launch party was hosted by Miss Adi Armor. Guest Chef Peachy Mathay and Chef Trisha Ocampo taught the guests how to whip up healthy green salad, bread and cupcakes to pair with Welch’s Grape Juice and Welch’s Sparkling Juice. Moreover, guest nutritionist Ms. Paz Sales gave insights on making informed choices towards a healthy lifestyle.

Do visit www.welchs.com for more info on 150 years of Welch's and to learn the different ways to enjoy 100% natural grape juice.