Sigekiya Ramen

Sigekiya Ramen is the place to go when you're in a hunt for authentic ramen.

The ramen shop was founded in Yokohama, Japan six years ago by Ramen Master Mamoru Sugizaki. Miguel Illescas, a Filipino, who became friends with Sugizaki-san while working in Yokohama, franchised Sigekiya and brought it to the Philippines.

They opened the local flagship ramen store at Commercenter Alabang last April 5. I got to taste their Sigekiya signature ramen during a ZomatoPH foodie meetup weeks ago.

Sigekiya means “something spicy”.  I am not fond of spicy food so I was relieved knowing that they allow guests to customize one's ramen bowl. First, you can choose the serving size of your ramen or tsukumen--- small (P290) regular (P360) and medium P400). Second, you can tweak spiciness level according to your preference.

Second, you can tweak spiciness level acording to your preference.

Level   1 - You just like having black pepper in your soup
Level   2 - Spicy but just fine
Level   5 - You like spicy dishes
Level 10 - You really like it hot

You still can spice your level up to 20 for free but taking it beyond Level 20 comes with additional charge. They offer up to Level 100 spiciness on the menu.

I chose a regular bowl with Level 5 spiciness.
My order came in shortly after the appetizers were served.

The noodles were a bigger in diameter than the usual commercial ramen. The thick noodles that they do inhouse remain bouncy even if it's been soaked in the broth for some time. The noodle consistency remained the same even as my bowl turned cold. The brothlike thick, well seasoned and had that savoury taste I like.  I love everything about my Sigekiya Ramen!

Sigekiya Ramen comes with grilled chashu,  (grilled pork) which perks up its flavor. The pork belly slices were generous and adds the umami taste to the ramen. And you can  order the poached onsen tamago (egg) for a minimal charge.

I also got to sample their Tsukemen Gyokai which  uses the same broth as the  Sigekiya Ramen  with the additional fish flavour into it.   Tsukemen, is also referred to as the dipping ramen since you dip the cold noodles into the  hot soup.

We were told  that Sigekiya Ramen makes its own noodles on site, similar to how it is prepared in Japan. They source their ingredients from Japan  excluding pork  and vegetables to maintain the taste of Sigekiya Japan.  And Sigekiya gives you more reasons to upscale your Ramen experience with  side dishes that  are a perfect complement to your favorite ramen bowls. Sigeliya Ramen and Tsukemen Gyokai were simply amazing! They have great side dishes too.

Their pan-fried Pork Gyoza (dumplings filled with meat and veggies) were so good!

They offer Karaage for crunchy Japanese chicken treat. Though it was savoury, I find it a little salty to taste.

I'd say they have a great Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake filled with cabbage). This is one of the most delicious Japanese cuisine we Filipinos all love.

To cap our meal, we were served frozen Jelly Ace for dessert. Do visit and have your fill of authentic tastes of Japan.

Sigekiya Ramen
The Commerce Center, Filinvest Avenue
Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa