Fine wines and gourmet meals featured at Savour Australia! Food and Wine Pairings

Australia’s food festivals are the most sought after event in the world. Australia’s abundant produce and rich variety of livestock and vegetables, makes it the best destination for food and wine.

Last October 1, the Australian Embassy Manila, in partnership with New World Makati Hotel and the Victorian Government, invited us to the media preview of the Savour Australia! Food and Wine Pairings. The Glasshouse of New World Hotel hosted an exclusive food and wine event to showcase the best of Australian wines and cheese variety, featuring culinary treats curated by guest Chef Tim Hollands and Executive Chef Robert Davis.

It was a great way to get a first taste of what today’s Australian wines are all about. The spotlight is on Victoria. Specially-created dinner menus made from the finest Australian red meat were served paired with exceptional Australian wines, bringing elegance and culinary perfection to our dining experience.

Chef Tim Hollands created a selection of fresh antipasto platters from Dairy Australia's cheese selections. He presented two perfect cheeseboards that provided generous proportion gourmet cheeses various dried fruits, crusty bread and nuts! The set up was a spectacular grazing table for guests to nibble at!

Cheesemongers like me got to taste rare and boutique cheeses that even the most discerning gourmand may not have tried! The selection included jindi triple cream, jindi double brie, jindi strong blue, ashgrove aged cheddar, ashgrove rubicon, ashgrove double gloucester plus ashgrove lavender.

Chef Robert Davis, on the other hand, prepared roasted, mouth-watering dishes from Gippsland Region of Victoria's grass-fed beef---premium ox cube roll, premium ox short ribs, premium tomahawk and premium oyster blade.

There were also roasted vegetables, baked potatoes, yorkshire pudding, and pastries to complement our meal.

Savour Australia is indeed a wine mingler! Special thanks to New World Hotel for putting together a mouth-watering Aussie-inspired menu.


  1. Absolutely, wine pairing is a must for every Chef to know this thing and other alcoholic drinks mix-up. Likewise, this event is truly great for us ordinary Filipinos to have some knowledge about wine and food.

  2. The short ribs looks tasty. I have come to enjoy Australian food from my precious trips in Sydney.

  3. I like events like this...I like wines and the ox ribs, that must great with red wine :)

  4. wow... I love that huge ribs.. I'm not into wine though but I know such dishes will go well with it.
    thanks for sharing


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