Red Planet Amorsolo Opens

Asia-based hotel group Red Planet launched its new hospitality brand in the Philippines today which replaces Tune Hotels. The event which was graced by Arturo Boncato (Philippines Department of Tourism, Assistant Secretary), coincides with the official opening of Red Planet Amorsolo, its tenth hotel in the country.

The new Red Planet hotel brand was specifically created to redefine the value hotel experience for domestic and international travellers in Asia by providing a high quality, comfortable and connected, technologically-enabled stay in desirable locations at attractive prices.

Red Planet Chief Executive Officer, Tim Hansing, said the Philippines is one of Asia’s fastest growing travel markets, and Red Planet’s hotels are targeted at the value conscious traveller.

Red Planet is the largest international hotel owner/operator in the Philippines with a total of 1,720 Red Planet rooms in Manila. Red Planet’s nine other hotels in the Philippines are in Pasay, Aseana City, Ermita, Quezon City, Ortigas Business District, Angeles City, Pampanga, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

Red Planet is a privately-owned hotel company with regional franchise agreement covering Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Since opening its first hotel in 2011, Red Planet has welcomed more than three million guests to its 24 hotels. Red Planet also owns and operates hotels in Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. The company has raised several rounds of capital from private investors and anticipates a future public listing in the region.

“It’s all about value,” Mr Hansing said. “Value for our customers in a hotel that provides a clean, efficient stay and of course staying connected through our investment in providing fast, free WiFi, which is crucial to all of our guests.

“Our commitment to bringing our brand and concept to the Philippinesis for the long term and we already have a confirmed pipeline and investment strategy to open more hotels in the coming years.”

A key component of the new Red Planet brand is a highly functional mobile app application that can be utilized by travelers. Other than working as an efficient booking portal, allow hotel guests to activate an “in-stay” mode so that the application can feed information about local events and possible points of interest directly to guest’s hand-held devices. It also facilitates room-to-room and front desk calling, as well as a chat line, along with many other innovative features.

“No matter what class of hotel we are staying in, technology will always play a key part of getting the most out of your stay in the hotel and the city you are in,” Mr Hansing added.“We are always looking to add value to a guest’s stay through our investment in technology at all times.”