Waterside Restobar is a Luxurious Place to Dine In

Waterside Restobar is located near the Solaire Resort poolside, which gives it a majestic view. Spacious and modern, Waterside Restobar offers Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxing ambiance.

Here is what we were served during a Zomato foodie met up:

After complementary bread, we were served Surf and Turf for our main course. This mouth-watering red meat and seafood dish has Hanger Steak, Salmon, Pork Ribs, and Prawns.

Potato Carbonara is Waterside Restobar's noodle-less version of a classic pasta comfort food. The deep-fried potato chunks sit on its carbonara sauce. It comes with parmesan cheese, bacon bits and some spices.

This healthy spin on carbonara is such a tasty twist! And I love its little bit of spiciness!
 The Humita is another discovery! The freshly ground corn mixed with cheese, eggs, and cream, is stuffed in a fresh corn husk and steamed. The creamy-corn filling was yummy!
Asparagus Salad provides a light refreshing change. The thinly-sliced asparagus stalks were drizzled with white dressing. This simple is the perfect accompaniment to a meaty meal.

The other side dish is Mango Salad made of fresh ripe mangoes mixed with unripe fruit slivers. I love the balance of sweetness and sourness combined with the creamy richness! It works well as a palate cleanser after indulging in a high fat meal course.

Their Paella Valenciana is by far the best one I have ever tried (and enough to feed an army)! Their version has white rice, chicken, and shrimps, decorated with lemon wedges, eggs, lemon slices and topped with chopped parsley.

They served it in small metalic casseroles with covers.

Waterside Restobar serves fantastic fresh food. Go give it a try sometime.

Waterside Restobar
Solaire Resort & Casino
Tambo, Paranaque City


  1. I think I want to try that humita. :)

  2. That huge serving of Paella looks divine! It's been ages since the last time I had Paella, and the dish looks really nviting. :)

  3. Felt hungry after reading your post. Might visit Waterside Restobar one of these days. :)


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