Mercato Centrale opens its newest market, the Gourmet Food Fair

Like the other Mercato Centrale successful markets, the Gourmet Food Fair lets you enjoy another great food escape every TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY from 8pm to 3am at Market! Market! Central Plaza!
Your nights will truly come alive with these gustatory delights coupled with a live band to make your food adventure a memorable one.

Whether you are up for a food trip or simply want a late dinner or a midnight snack, the Gourmet Food Fair indulges you to affordable yet scrumptious gourmet food finds!

All sisig fanatics will surely love these sisig varieties! Name it and Chef Babs has it!

Do try out the Cheesy Bacon, Baked Mac, Steak and Grilled Pork from Edgy's Good trip.
Here's a sneak peek on mouth-watering boneless lechon at the food market!
Don't miss out on these foodie treats. Head on to the newly opened market GOURMET FOOD FAIR at the Market! Market! tonight.