My Sbarro Dilemna

Sbarro is the probably largest mall-based Italian restaurant chain in the world with over 1,000 locations in more than 30 countries.

 I am fond of pizza and so I got myself a stuffed pepperoni and sausage pizza. Even though it was warmed up when it was served, it still lacked the warmt of a hot food I was looking for.
Its dough is about an inch thick and not crispy. The slice was substantial and full of meat (like I want it) though.

These penne noodles I love! The tomatoes really sealed the deal!

The spaghetti did not taste done. I find their pasta to be too light, not enough cheese on top. I don't want the thing to be soggy and dripping but without sufficient sauce, there is not much flavor.

The servings are huge but it is the only thing worth getting here. Food looked great, but it was a let down. It had a nice layer of meat on top, but not still not sufficient.  Shortcuts are not always good.  I learned it the hard way.