Rowena's Buko Tarts

Buko Pie is a popular pasalubong in South Luzon. This 9-inch double-crusted pie stuffed with young coconut custard are peddled in most bus stations and can be both in delicacy stores along the way. It is good to share because you can only eat much buko pie. It is a delight to find that Rowena's has innovated the product and came up with buko tarts.

Rowena’s offers 3-inch mini-tarts that are perfect for solo snackers. A box consists of 9 buko crumble tarts. These tarts are layered with a crust on the bottom that tastes like butter cookie. You will love to bite into its lightly sweetened fruity fillings plus the crumbly top instead of a second crust. They also offer in a variety of flavors that include buko, apple, mango, pineapple, ube and blueberry. So if you tire of too much buko, you can go for something else. Rowena's Tarts are available from their store at #152 Brgy Francisco, Tagaytay City See their website at for more information