My Most Memorable Moment as a Mother

In 2005, I had to leave for Hongkong in my bid for a new job. It was an opportunity I deemed important not to pass up on since I felt I was trapped in a dead-end job that merely sustains our family's needs till the next payday. I was in a dilemna. The needs of family is growing with the new baby but my wage remains the same. I was torn between being a hands-on mom and letting the opportunity just walk pass through. I left with a heavy heart knowing that I will be leaving my then eight month old baby behind.

It turned out to be a mistake because my daughter became ill on the 8th day I was gone. She was having high-grade fever for more than 48 hours and my husband told me that the doctor could not tell what is wrong with our child. I couldn't stop thinking about my daughter and got the next available flight back to Manila.

At the hospital, I couldn't stop crying when I saw my little girl on her bed with her swollen left arm strapped on to the glucose bottle. I called my "Bube" and then her chinky eyes lighted up after recognizing my voice as she gave me a weak smile. Her eyes spoke what she couldn't say in words. I knew then that my baby loves me and appreciates my sleepless nights looking after her. I felt her happiness as I kissed and hugged her that morning.

It was a memorable moment for me because I felt my baby's love for me even at her tender age. I knew then in my heart that I will never leave my child again no matter how enticing a job abroad may be. I was so wrong in leaving my child and chasing monetary opportunities over her wellbeing. My lapse in judgement almost took her life away.

I live for my daughter and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. The mysterious bond between parent and child is one of the strongest connections that no one can fathom. Fortunately, my baby's feverish state was gone that day and she was discharged from the hospital the following day with a mere "viral infection" as final diagnosis. myspace graphic comments

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