Banana Leaf Trinoma

Asian cuisine has become popular for its healthy balance of meat and vegetables dish options.

At Banana Leaf, you get to savor the authentic  modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and Indonesian fares. This multi-awarded restaurant   introduced Southeast Asian cuisine to local diners as early as 2001.

Last September 24, 2019, I was invited to dine in one of the restaurant's pioneer branches---the Banana Leaf in Trinoma along with other foodies.

The dim-lit dining place is spacious and resonates its banana leaf theme. And Banana Leaf stands by its name by encouraging diners to use  leaf plates!  You can eat with your bare hands if you’re comfortable---a concept of Banana Leaf that makes it very oriental.

They served us Roti Supreme with Curry Sauce Dip as soon as we settled in. Roti Canai is a Malaysian flatbread that is good in itself. Just like the traditional Indian roto, it is eaten with cooked vegetables or curry.

​For appetizers, we had
Vietnamese Prawn Ball with Cheese (P 238), ​and Deep Fried Curry Chicken Wings (P 188).

Deep Fried Curry Chicken Wings

They have chicken, pork, beef, vegetable and seafood options for main entrees.

Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes (P 288) is a spiced-up version of our own Chicken Curry.

Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes (P 288)

Tilapia Fillet with Assam Sambal Sauce (P 388) is butterflied fish served with its lightly fried, filleted meat smoothered in sweet sambal.

Stir Fried Clams in Singaporean Chili Sauce (P 388)

Beef Rendang (P 328)

Beef Rendang (P 328) is much like the Filipino Caldereta with added heat.

And of course, our degustation experience will not be complete without rice and noodles!  Nasi Goreng Nenas (P 238) is an Indonesian-style fried rice dish with sprinkled generously with meat and vegetables bits.

Penang Char Kuey Teow (P 238) 
Penang Char Kuey Teow (P 238) is famous Penang hawker stir-fry noodle among Malaysians and Singaporeans alike. This smoky-flavored flat rice noodles is epic for its big flavors!

We had Sago Pudding in Thai Pandan Leaf (P 80) and Deep Fried Banana Fritter with Ice Cream (P 80) for dessert.

​They served a variety of hot and cold drinks like Iced Tea Tarik (Malaysian Pulled Tea) and
​Fresh Buko Juice to complement our meals.

Make smart, healthy choices when you visit Banana Leaf. Banana Leaf is available in Foodpanda and Grab Food.

Do visit for your reservations and inquiries.


  1. Isa ang banana Leaf sa Trinoma na kinakainan namin ng family ko. Love ko ung food though i find the place medyo crowded na dahil medyo dikit dikit ung upuan. Nonetheless, love pa rin namin ung food plus nakakaexperience kumain sa dahon. ehehhe

  2. I thought those were takoyaki at first glance. ;) The food looks great!

  3. My last meal at Banana leaf was years ago. Gusto ko yung roti nila, curry, and sago pudding :)

  4. In love na ako kay Banana Leaf ever since. Great Asian flares that are simple and yet satisfying. I personally love the Beef Rendang and Thai Rice there.


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