New Scent Additions at Perfume Dessert London

Perfume Dessert London had recently added five new additions to its sweet line of scents.

Fruity notes now includes Piña Colada, Cotton Candy Unicorn, Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry Smoothie, and Peach Bourbon Popsicle. These batch proves to be  refreshing  and invigorating!

Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream is an irresistible, creamy gourmand sweetness. Raspberry Smoothie is a play on the sweet, juicy berries. Piña Colada comes in as smooth and frosty blend, just like the cocktail. We all know that Bourbon and peaches make a delicious pair and the Peach Bourbon scent makes this more evident. Be it berries, fruits,  or candy, it  definitely gives a sugar  rush high!

Perfume Dessert cones in pocket-handy sizes to make you smell good and fresh instantly. The sleek tall bottle is easy to slip in your bag. You simply have to take it out, press fewa  discreet spritzes and you’ll smell great instantly, even in sweaty situations.

Perfume Dessert scents are 100 percent Eau de Parfum fragrances imported from the United Kingdom.

Grab a bottle of Perfume Dessert starting at P280. Check out or for more details.