Find your Perfect Match

When I was in my teens, my parents often reminded me to defer getting involved in romantic relationships until I finished school. But young as I was, I fell in love with my best friend. Unplanned, sparks of romance soon budded between my friend and I after years of being best friends. We have known each other all too well that we finished each other's sentences. We know what each one was feeling just by looking.

Being in love then was like reading through a fairy tale. I thought I found my soulmate  in high school. I was wrong. My first relationship nearly tore me apart. I was totally devastated with the heartbreak that it seemed as though feelings may not be possible ever again.

Time and space helps lessen the emotion. I stayed busy with work as a distraction. I put all my efforts into other things I care about. As time passes by, I have stopped crying. I stopped thinking about my first teen heartbreak, the hurt and moved on. I reached the point when I felt it was time for me to crawl out of the ruins, and started to think about dating again.

As a young professional, I felt like life is empty of meaning, even if I have everything. I often felt tired from a holiday getaway and dread the very thing I escaped on holiday for. I was lonely.  It took me years to get myself looking for a chance at romance again and at life through potential partners.

Now, it's a good thing that online dating is available. This computer-mediated platform allows lonely people looking for  partners to  know a potential date before meeting him in person. I had a list of what I want different in a next relationship. I wanted to enjoy dating and relationships without becoming a battered shell of my former self.

These free dating sites can make things a little easier for the busy professionals or the safety-conscious to find their compatible matches given an access to more potential partners than one could find in their daily lives. Those shopping for the perfect partner can look forward to meeting new people, whose level of compatibility is very high.

Online dating sites allows you to  set filters and see potential partners of a certain age, appearance, interests and values are similar to yours. Matching can help you find the right person and avoid those who might be a disaster.

After narrowing down those who make your list, you can talk to a potential date me at home before deciding if you should meet him in person. To ensure success, date a few matches to find out who is a good fit for you.

Online dating helped me navigate through the dating waters again without being crushed. So far, dating has been invigorating and bittersweet, scary and fun.  Like me, you will learn that it pays off not to engage in a fantasy future. Life doesn’t always turn out how we hope it to be, but starting from square one isn’t so bad after all. 

It is possible to fall in love again after a heartbreak. A good guy can come in after a toxic relationship. There is someone for everyone out there and in a few months or years, you and the love of your life will be celebrating your anniversary not even remembering the painstaking ordeal that you went through.