DiabetEASE Magazine holds Sweet Escape Sugar Crush event

In celebration of their 8th anniversary, DiabetEASE Magazine held a whole-day event entitled Sweet Escape Sugar Crush last November 12, 2013 at the Trinoma Activity Center.
The mascot AntamEASE shows how vital physical activity is in fighting Diabetes

Lectures were given to raise awareness on Diabetes
Sugar Crush spectators eagerly joined in the games
Prizes were raffled off to the audience
This free admission event was held in conjunction with the World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated yearly on November 14th. Said date plays a significant time in the diabetes calendar since it marks Frederick Banting's birthday. Banting is the man who co-discovered insulin in 1922, along with Charles Best.

Participants were made aware on diabetes'  warning signs and symptoms. They were taught ways to manage their diabetes through by eating moderately, taking on an active lifestyle and taking in prescription medicines to regulate one's blood sugar.
There were booths that offered various health products and free blood sugar screenings for diabetics.

Thanks to DiabetEASE Magazine taking an active role in spreading the message about diabetes and raising awareness for its condition.