A Taste of Persian Food at Kebabers

Entrepreneurs Gian Carlo and Gian Franco Sim behind #SMManilaKebabers
The 7th branch of Kebabers fastfood chain opened at the SM City Manila and I was one of those invited to try out its culinary treats.  This food chain has started out as a kiosk in St. Luke's Medical Center sometime 2009 and has grown big because of its tasty food offering suited to the Filipino taste.

I like the store atmosphere at Kebabers.  Though small, it is casual and comfortable, not the stuffy type.

Kebabers'  Queue Dial does away with standing at the counter to wait for your food being prepared.  You can sit down, enjoy a conservation with your friend after giving your orders.  It lights up to signal when your food is ready  for the taking.

I fell in love with shawarma while my family and I were in Jeddah. I was happy to try Kebaber's chicken shawarma as it brought back happy childhood memories in me!

Blogger friend, Ted, seems to share my love for Shawarma! 

Beef Pichos at 95 pesos is a steal!

Beef Pichos comes overloaded with cheese, beef, onions, cucumber and topped with a zesty garlic sauce.
3-piece Kebab Meal lets you choose from Beef, Chicken or Fish
Kebab rice meal  and if you are crazy about cheese, you can try their Cheese Kebab Meals.  A 2-piece Beef, Chicken or Fish Kebab Meal costs 95 pesos, while a 3-piece meal of the same choice line-up is at 125 pesos.
Shawarma also comes in rice bowls!  Take your pick from Monster Beef (99 pesos),  Peppered Steak (120 pesos) or Crazy Chicken (110 pesos)
Crunchy Fish Meal is a healthy choice for non-meat eaters
superb Chocolate Fudge to wrap-up your dining experience!

Sim Brothers-Entrepreneurs share their love for Persian food at Kebabers 

Go eat the most tender chicken or beef kebabs at Kebabers!

If you are wise, go there with a dining partner and choose different entree to share the delicious flavors in each food. Get to choose between Chili or Garlic Sauce to go with your Keema or Kebab meals!

4th Level, SM City Manila