Tirta Spring Villa: a Topnotch Private Hot Spring Resort Destination

Los Baños, Laguna is home of the best private hot spring resorts. The water in these geothermal hot springs is believed to provide health benefits as it is rich in minerals.

Now you get to enjoy the natural hot spring waters amidst the picturesque view of Mt. Makiling at Tirta Spring Villa in Los Baños, Laguna.

AirBnb stays at Tirta Spring Villa are highly rated for its comfort, cleanliness, and modern amenities. This five-room private resort makes  staycations more memorable and ensures a rejuvenating getaway for everyone.  

Lounge chairs partially submerged at the shallow part of the pool for you to sunbathe and relax in the water is just the perfect way to cool off under the summer heat. 

There is even a jacuzzi that serves as the perfect middle ground between pool and poolside. You can swim up at the deeper part of the swimming pool and dunk with poolside basketball hoop-- ideal for solo shooting practice.   

Action-packed poolside entertainment doesn't end there. Tirta Spring Villa has a portable Projector Set up for an enjoyable Outdoor Movie Viewing; complimentary high-speed WiFi that is just perfect for Karaoke;
plus Table Tennis equipment.

Padded wicker furniture  at the ground and second floor nooks provide comfortable seating for relaxation.

Inside the air-conditioned rooms are  wooden bunk beds with soft cushions and pillows.  Sleeping between its silky, smooth sheets feels more like home.  The biggest room at the ground level even has an in-room Realistic Driving Simulator Cockpit.

Tirta Spring Villa also boasts of a fully functional kitchen equiped with a two-door Ref, Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker, Espreso machine, a barbeque grill, plus Hot & Cold Water Dispenser.

Book now at bit.ly/tirtaspringbooking and you'll be glad you did.

Tirta Spring Villa
Lot 5 & 6, Victor Lake Street
Lakewood Residential Estates
Los Baños, Laguna