Ginebra San Miguel kicks off World Gin Day 2023

As the first gin distillery in the Philippines, Ginebra San Miguel knows everything about gin flavour and undoubtedly their offerings are the ultimate staple in bars and homes.

The 10th June is #WorldGinDay and Ginebra San Miguel is kicking off the celebration of all things gin ar The Westin Manila Hotel today. 𝐆𝐒𝐌𝐈 is showcasing its new Premium Gin, G&T Ultra Light Apple Black Tea, G&T Ultra Light Lemon Ginger and 1834 in a gin tasting of their award-winning concoctions to commemorate in a night of fun and drinks.

Organized by everyone’s favorite  Ginebra San Miguel Gin, the idea is simple: get people together all around, and raise a glass to the brilliant spirit for an unforgettable gin celebration!

Zanjoe Marudo, Herlene Budol and "The Hungry Syrian Wanderer" Vlogger Basel Manadil shared their favorite GSM gin variety and how they've come to embrace its cool, clear, and versatile charms. All three will also be present at various events of GSMI during “Gin Is In” celebrations starting in June.

GSM Bar Academy graduates ‘mix’ back

The highlight of the #GinIsIn event was the Cool, Clear, Versatile Mixing Competition with the theme, “Gin Is In, ” which features the world’s most popular and bestselling gin Ginebra San Miguel and other brands, GSM Blue and GSM Premium Distilled Gin. World-class mixologists Angela Falarca, Jhyrus Domingo, and JP Penaflor showcased their cocktail-crafting skills as they compete for a ₱ 30,000 prize and for the Drink Master title.

These three mixologists are scholar-graduates of the Ginebra San Miguel Bar Academy, a partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) that gives Filipinos a chance to change their lives through education – training students in bartending, flairtending, and basic entrepreneurship.

With the goal of producing globally-competitive and job-ready graduates, while elevating the quality of the bartending profession in the process, the GSM Bar Academy is proud to say that it has produced an astounding 100% immediate employability for all its graduates in 2022.

GSMI's World Gin Day celebration is just the beginning of a series of exciting events, allowing enthusiasts to declare their love and support for the vibrant local gin culture. In the Philippines, gin is synonymous with Ginebra San Miguel. It is the country’s pioneering gin and the oldest consumer brand still in the market, but still remains cool, clear and versatile, a timeless classic yet still in tune with the times.

‘Gin Is In’ Nationwide

Part of the WGD celebration will be the launch of the second season of G-MIX Nation Online Series, hosted by Luis Manzano, which will be shown for the first time and will feature new cocktail recipes. Alongside is the Home Bar Kit that features Ginebra products and tools for mixing different kinds of cocktails, which is sold online and at select supermarkets.

To ensure gin enthusiasts across the country can partake in the “Gin Is In” festivity, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. will also host mini events in around 50 bars nationwide, including those in Pampanga, Naga, Cebu, and Cagayan De Oro. These bar activations will offer consumers exclusive promotions, raffle giveaways, and outlet merchandising, providing an opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in the celebration.

To sustain the momentum of the “Gin Is In,” there will be various activities in hundreds on-premise outlets from July to December. Participating outlets will receive exclusive benefits, special “Gin Is In” stubs for consumers to support their patronage.

Whether it’s in a cocktail, or as part of a tasting, let’s celebrate, enjoy the flavors and aromas of these wonderful juniper-laced spirits in all of its glory!

This second Saturday of June is going to be a fabulous day of gin loving, no matter where you are! Ginebra San Miguel's top picks are sure to get the good vibes flowing for June 10th.