Kiwa Express Ayala Malls Manila Bay brings in authentic Korean Cuisine Like No Other

Kiwa Express opened its doors at Ayala Malls Manila Bay earlier today with a bang. 

Following the success of Kiwa Korean Grill at Solaire Resort, the brand spins off to venture into a quick-service diner. Kiwa Express promises to bring premium Korean menu offerings like no other at an affordable price point. 

Dr. David Shim, CEO and owner of Kiwa Express, explains his reasons for this new direction. “I’ve been operating Kiwa Restaurant in Solaire since 2015 and there has been this growing demand from Filipino regulars wanting easier access to my authentic Korean food.”
Authenticity makes a Kiwa Express dining experience stand out. “It is true-to-heart Korean food. Not fusion. Not localized. And we offer high-caliber and quality Korean cuisine at a very affordable price...the quality is identical to the food that they would sample from Kiwa in Solaire,” Dr. Shim adds. The unapologetic authenticity of his food is the key to his success.

Kiwa Express menu features items hand-picked by Dr. Shim himself. Referred to as Kiwa signature dishes or chef’s special recommendations, he highly recommends these dishes to first-time diners.  

"Kiwa Galbitang, the Korean version of bulalo is something that will make you very happy.” The hearty, nourishing beef stew is a great gateway to the world of Korean food. Beef short ribs are stewed slowly in aromatics resulting in a clean, delicate broth that is a feast to the senses. Dr. Shim also points out Kimchi Jjigae as must-try.  This heartwarming, spicy stew puts the spotlight on their signature kimchi, Doenjang Jjigae, Jap Chae, and Shrimp Tempura.

Dr. Shim believes Korean food will continue to be popular among Filipinos. “I observe food being served to the general public is too much of fast food and instant food. It is too salty, sweet, deep fried and harmful to your health. Korean food offers a healthy alternative as it uses generous portions of vegetables. Kiwa Korean food is always delivered via on-site preparation and cooking. I hope to provide healthier alternatives for Filipino people that is good for better well-being." 

Kiwa Express in Ayala Malls Manila Bay is the first of many branches already in the works. “This restaurant is our launch pad, the model on which new branches will be based further. When this clicks, we sure have other outlets on the pipeline.”

Kiwa Express is located at 3rd Floor, Building B, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Macapagal Boulevard corner Aseana Avenue, Paranaque City.