Property Access aims at Disrupting the Real Estate Market by establishing an Integrated Global Platform

For more than 5 years, PropertyAccess has been pushing boundaries for real estate transactions and investments, both locally and internationally. Since then, it has established its foothold as one of the top overseas real estate companies in Japan.

In a press briefing on January 24, 2023, held at New World Makati Hotel, the company's Chief Operations Officer and Digital Co-founder, Andy Roberts, talked about its web 3.0 platform which provides up-to-date listings, making real estate accessible to all.

With over 18 years of experience running agencies and technology companies in Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia,  Roberts expressed optimism given the recent trends in Property Technology (PropTech) and the potential impact of its technologies like property securitization and property virtualization on the real estate industry alongside their overall brand position in the local and overseas markets.

With the evolution of the world wide web itself towards a new standard called Web 3.0, associated technology such as Al, machine learning, blockchain, and 3D visualization will take an increasingly central role in all aspects of the property market over the next 5 to 10 years. Some elements such as smart contracts, property securitization, and property virtualization are already available and are propelling the real estate industry forward into its next era.

Alongside this ongoing web evolution is PropertyAccess’ technological expansion through its online platforms that support borderless transactions. They have created a structure that enables quick deployment of web assets appropriated across different global markets — namely Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines — by utilizing a centralized database of content, translations, and data collection. With this, they guarantee to deliver their promise of finding properties faster, buying smarter, and investing bigger in their local and overseas communities.

Since 2018, Philippine properties have been especially attractive to Japanese buyers with conglomerates and private investors purchasing office and residential properties in bulk.  Being a Japanese-Singaporean company, PropertyAccess has made good use of this purchasing behavior and its connection to the Japanese market to close numerous investment deals for Philippine partner developers. 

To date, PropertyAccess has registered approximately $90M worth of Southeast Asian properties, sold over ₱3.6B worth of properties in the Philippines, and partnered with more than 70 companies around the world. 

Moreover, the South Korean market is an emerging market with a great purchasing appetite for Philippine real estate. 

PropertyAccess has established a South Korean division in 2021 to cater to this market and engage with its untapped potential.

Philippine real estate is a continuously growing multifaceted industry. Equipped with vast knowledge of the local and global markets, PropertyAccess has developed a website catering to the needs and wants of Filipino property seekers and agents. With the country having high smartphone usage rates, it is thoughtfully designed for mobile users with weak to strong internet connections to accommodate thousands of unique website goers. boasts of its great user experience backed with intuitive UI/UX, quick and relevant search results, and carefully curated up-to-date property listings. It is an approachable platform with real estate content accessible to all. The brand ensures to deliver top-quality service and upholds data privacy so that its community can get the full premium and trustworthy experience. Overall, PropertyAccess aims to help property seekers and property agents to the opportunities they deserve.

In the next 3 years, PropertyAccess will establish an integrated global platform that enables seamless transactions from all over the world. It intends to continuously innovate the ways real estate can be consumed and is keen on expanding its overseas market to include Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia.