Kurīmī Milk Tea Bar opens at Ayala Malls Feliz

Kurīmī Milk Tea Enterprises and Milkin Corporation headed by its President & CEO Richie Cuna marks a milestone with the opening of its 60th branch at Ayala Malls Feliz earlier today.


The latest Kurīmī Milk Tea Bar franchise belobgs to PBA basketball player Robert Bolick and his wife Cassandra Bolick.


With an instagrammable interior design that looks like a flat black-and-white manga, Kurīmī Milk Tea Bars are a favorite stop for Instagramers and YouTubers. And moreso for this Kurīmī Milk Tea Bar 2D cafe at Ayala Malls Feliz, as it pays homage to the franchisee's basketball profession.

Sport enthusiasts would definitely score 3 points on the basketball ring as Kurīmī Milk Tea Bar - Ayala Mall Feliz highlights popular Japanese sports anime and manga series Slam Dunk characters that include Shohoku High freshman Hanamichi Sakuragi. When you enter the cafe, you will notice a functional basketball ring court across the counter. Interestingly, a half court was drawn on the floor to make the ballers feel welcome and alive!

Kurimi is the Japanese slang word for "creamy". And as the name suggests, this quaint, straightforward cafe serves creamy milkteas, fruit teas, flavored drinks, frappes, and hot drinks.

Enjoy your choice of drinks featured on the menu with your gyoza or pizza orders!

Check this hip place and see why it is a cool place to hang out.