Savory Snack You Can Never Get Enough Of

Nothing gives me pleasure than eating my favorite dessert. And I dare say that indulging my sweet tooth in gulaman makes my life more enjoyable.

Nibbling on this Filipino staple dessert and meryenda gives me that sweet feeling, everyday.

Mr. Hat Gulaman is the perfect everyday meryenda for everyone – busy parents with kids who are picky eaters, students who want to add color and excitement to their lunch boxes, office workers who want to bring happy food to share with everyone else.

Made from the finest natural seaweed extract, Mr. Hat Gulaman offers a wide variety of flavors and colors that will suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. Flavors include orange, lychee, strawberry, grape, mango, buko pandan and even coffee. The unflavored gulaman, meanwhile, comes in black, orange, yellow, white, red and green colors.

Everyday Snacking Made Easy

Make family and friends wonder in amazement as you bond over gulaman. From picking the flavor to creating dishes to sharing the food over meryenda or dessert, make Mr. Hat Gulaman part of the family. It is easy to prepare, and it is affordable.

Make after school meryenda at home something to look forward to – a different gulaman flavor from Monday to Friday, plus make it a weekend special.

Start traditions that kids will love – celebrate milestones and events with different gulaman colors. Prep up red and green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, their favorite flavors and colors on birthdays.

Whatever occasion or the time of the year it is, feed their soul with food that makes them feel like they’ve finally found heaven on earth.

Get all flavors and colors of Mr. Hat Gulaman at Lazada, Shopee and major supermarkets nationwide.

Do visit the Mr. Hat Gulaman website for recipes. Follow @MrHatGulaman on TikTok and Facebook to stay updated on promotions.