RichCorp lets you harness the Healing Power of Herbs

ROQS International Consumer Health Corp. (RichCorp) is a modern, green consumer company that specializes in natural organic ingredients for raw materials and health care (food supplements and herbal medicines), personal care and household care.   RichCorp is the maker of  Sto Pio Citronella Andas, all-natural derma armor spray and sanitizer; Loco Mosquin, hand and body moisturizer that has natural citronella oil; L’abriegO Citronella Aromatherapy insect repellent candle; HappyCha Lagundi Tea Beverage, and Immune Advance capsule. Immune Advance is a potent combination of   Lagundi, Moringa, Non - Acidic Vitamin C and Zinc which help boost immunity.

RichCorp is a company that thrives in serving others. RichCorp seeks to help people lead quality and comfortable lives by developing effective, efficient, convenient and superior organic products.

Its Vision is to "Become one of the Global Market Leaders in Natural Products with organically known ingredients that promote health and enhance the well-being of everyone."

RichCorp combines wealth of experience and expertise in providing innovative, improved and global quality products that enhance consumer lifestyle, health and well-being. The business thrust is to help people lead quality and comfortable lives by developing effective, efficient, and convenient organic products from home-grown natural ingredients of premium quality that makes healthcare solutions for easier, better and more enjoyable life.

Biofarm and Natural Health Ingredients (BINHI) humble beginnings

BINHI was founded by Patrick D. Roquel in 1998 to distribute food supplement (Charantia)   under the name of Healthy Habits Enterprises.  After retiring from UNILAB in 2006,  he decided to pursue distributorship  business   under the name of Global Habitz Co. Ltd., of which he is also a company member.  

In 2009, together with Dr. Elinor Roquel, he started to distribute lagundi and sambong tablets to DOH.  And when the husband and wife tandem found out that DOH-PITAHC needs supplier of raw materials of lagundi and sambong, they started to establish the plantation of these herbal raw materials in the same year.

In 2010, they started to supply lagundi to Herbs & Nature Corp and sambong to DOH-PITAHC and Plemex.  The enterprise has been propagating Lagundi (Vitex negundo, also known as five-leaf chaste tree) since then, providing cash crops to its farmer-partners, and building livelihood in communities where it operates. In 2011, they formally established the Biofarm and Natural Health Ingredients (BINHI)  Company to manufacture pre-process herbal raw materials. The  processing facility of the company in Bgy. Natatas, Tanauan, Batangas City has improved its  processes on drying, pulverizing and storing of the herbal powdered products since then. BINHI is  currently involved in the production of herbal plants, processing of the powdered herbal products and extraction of essentials oils from citronella. 

With the help of DOST, he went on to upgrade the entire processing facility to conform with the FDA requirements to acquire  the FDA-LTO as a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.  Their Lagundi product has been FDA-approved as bronchodilator   and is being distributed by GH Nutripharma, an affiliate.