Make your child fall in love with Mathematics

Math is everywhere. We use  numbers in our daily lives. Math connects us to the real world.

We apply math concepts at home, school and work. We use proportions and measurement ratios to make correct calculations for ingredients in cooking and baking. Math skills are useful in helping us calculate discounts and savings so that we shop wisely. Arithmetic is useful in finding the best deal for food items. And when we share to our children how valuable everyday math applications can be, they will be more likely to view math as important and become more interested in the subject.

Now, I find that 's online game resource is such a great way to practice math skills by playing games. Their collection of online calculation tools are really engaging and would make any child fall in love with mathematics, which every mom desires.  As a parent,  influencing how my child thinks about Mathematics is a good way to build a love of learning!

The true and false Mathematic game is my personal favorite.
Mathematic Game is simply a race to see how quick one can identify a correct or wrong equation. Most problems work on the main operations of subtraction, division, addition, and multiplication. It helps you practice on the 4 most common math operators individually, applying all the math laws. It displays your highest record and motivates you to set the bar higher each time you play. Increasing difficulty levels are so engaging that kids don’t even realize they’re learning! All games have critical thinking components to them which is vital to math success.

And more than just a math game site, offers a variety of other fun kiddie arcade games, educational and classic board games for adults. I enjoyed their collection of holiday games as well. Yuletide season is a special time to traditions and connect with loved ones. The Christmas-themed games at will definitely start these memory-making moments rolling in!

This site spells a lot of kiddie fun, that even adults will love the multitude of games they can choose from.

I also love that this site is so easy to navigate. One can play games  with no sign up or log in required. Do check it out soon.