Balai sa Oro: a Nature Lover's Paradise in Montalban, Rizal


Balai Sa Oro gives you a majestic view of the  three major  Sierra Madre Mountains attractions -- Mount Pamitinan, Mount Hapunang Banoi and Mount Binacayan, which makes it a popular trekking spot destination for mountaineers and off-road enthusiasts!

This paradise is ideal for couples and families looking for a one of a kind nature getaway. Balai sa Oro is a private farm put up by husband and wife tandem, who loves the outdoors! The Mullins are mountaineers who engage in outdoor conservation and recreation through meaningful stories. They embrace eco-living as a way to make their outdoor space more plant-friendly, and biologically diverse.

The main hut villa offers simple amenities, which is a reminder of the beauty and serenity of farm living. It houses the kitchen, the bar, mess hall, living area, bunk beds plus toilet and bath.

There are several open spaces and instagram-worthy nooks for you to spend quiet time. You can immerse yourself in a book or a nap at the viewing deck. It gives the perfect spot to watch sunsets. Kids would love the open spaces, play area and lounge areas around it. At the view deck, you will stare in awe as the sky speaks in a thousand colors! Nothing beats the breathtaking sunset to kiss you good night.

The two cabanas nestled at the middle of the farm functions as master's bedroom for privacy. It overlooks the camping grounds and the fire pit. You may pitch a tent for more outdoor adventure.

Bring your family over for a day of relaxation at the Balai sa Oro farm.