Restore your Health with the new Genix Vitality Placenta Supplement

Genix Summit International officially launched its  Genix Vitality Placenta product earlier today. Sam C. Ortega, Genix President and co-Founder; Salustio Buena, Vice President for Finance; Gerald Maurin, Vice President for Operations; Celsa Martinez, Vice President for Business Development; and Freddie Laroco, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Genix Summit International, led the event,  in the presence of influencers, media and bloggers.  Dr. Ariel T. Baira, Head of Genix Medical Advisory Board, was the keynote speaker.

Founded in 2021, Genix Summit International is known for its flagship product Genix Vitality Phytocelltec Placenta Stemcell, Genix Vitality remains to be the country's top distributor of breakthrough health products.

Placental Therapy and its Health Benefits 

The placenta is important for supporting the growth and development of the baby. This intricate organ nourishes the growing fetus by exchanging nutrients, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, trace elements and biological growth factors. It is the lifeline that supplies the embryo with nutrients. The nutrient-dense tissues have been found to help with reconstructive medical procedures and tissue regeneration since the early 1900s. The placenta's  innermost layer   (amnion) consists of special cells that have been found to stimulate the body's healing mechanism. The cord blood cells are widely-used placental component in modern medicine, especially in the stem cell transplantation. 

In addition, the  Amniotic Membrane (AM) has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immunological characteristics, which makes it ideal  for application in the ophthalmic practice, surgery, healing of wounds and burns,  spinal surgeries, surface reconstruction, skin applications, tissue engineering and other regenerative medical needs.

Sheep (ovine) Placenta in Promoting General Health

Sheep placenta plays a similar role as that of a human placenta. It is a good source of nutrients, lipids, rich growth factors, hormones and bioactive cytokines. It also produces enzymes, and immunological factors which aid in rejuvenating organic tissue, cell growth promotion, hormone regulation, immune function, cellular hydration and efficient oxygen transfer.

The New Genix Vitality Placenta 

Genix Vitality Placenta 's complex formula is intended to help promote cell growth and support immune function. It combines Sheep Placenta, Prunes, Resveratrol, Collagen Peptides, Muscadine Stem Cell, Citicoline plus Apple Cultivar (Uttwiler Spätlauber) with Phytocelitic Technology.

Genix Vitality Placenta 's potent combination has been skillfully crafted, best formulated by scientists and doctors. This unique Cellular Therapy formulation comes from New Zealand, Switzerland, USA and Activo-Singapore. This supplement contains 500,000MCG of fresh sheep placenta harvested only from licensed farms under strict protocols plus essential growth factors that are intended to promote cell growth, regeneration and support optimal immune function.

Genix Vitality Placenta  can help you take better care of your health and your life.

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