SM Development Corporation: Building Locales Filipinos can call Home


Nothing can compare to a place that can make you feel content and comfortable. A home is one of the most fundamental human needs for survival. In building one’s family, buying housing or investing in property is often a crucial discussion that takes into consideration price, location, amenities and the environment as these all impact the way people and families live and grow, and how communities thrive in the long-run.

Many changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused Filipinos to reassess the way they live, work and reside. The topic on home ownership and residential space has become much more prominent as its impacts one’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Its importance was emphasized when companies shifted to work-from-home setups and even when schools introduced blended learning. Up and coming homeowners are now looking for new and affordable housing that responds to the new realities of school and work, as well as a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

For leading real estate developer SM Development Corporation (SMDC), satisfying personal needs and meeting basic survival for the homeowners of today can be done through meaningful and strategic planning and property development. The residential arm of SM Prime Holdings has been continuously redefining residential spaces over the years to bring accessibility, convenience, function, style and sustainability in the face of evolving trends and lifestyle changes—--assuring prospective buyers of the great value that SMDC properties offer.

This means presenting a range of residences located in prime urban and suburban communities, conveniently situated near major road networks and transportation hubs, and designed to reflect SM’s commitment to luxurious urban living. SMDC properties bring commercial retail shops, entertainment venues, banks and leisure facilities closer to residents against a backdrop of lush and walkable spaces. Such open spaces encourage homeowners to dwell outside and take a break from the isolation that has become a norm lately, and allow residents to safely interact with their neighbors. These spaces also provide amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle among the residents.

Across the available properties, prospect homeowners are able to choose their housing type to fit their own or their family’s needs and functions with units ranging from studio rooms to deluxe two-bedroom suites. On top of being able to customize their living spaces, state-of-the-art facilities such as 24-hour security and CCTV system, fire alarm system, numerous WIFI-ready zones and standby generator set ensures continuous function and prime livability.

Moreover, SMDC’s promise not only pertains to providing a greater quality of life, but also for its communities to take an integral role in their commitment towards sustainability. SMDC aims to promote many green living practices by designing walkable and transport-friendly developments, introducing energy-saving and eco-friendly green buildings and encouraging effective waste management programs among residents. For the property developer, homes are seen as a legacy for future generations. And as such, it should be built for sustainability and for ease in future modification.

With ongoing developments and more projects in the pipeline, SMDC allows homebuyers the opportunity to have the home of their choice. Through its affordable investment and flexible payment options, new families or young millennials will be able to live independently in communities that cater to their specific needs.

SMDC continues to create sustainable and resilient living spaces for Filipinos to call their own coupled with its ability to empathize and understand current housing needs plus the foresight to address evolving client requirements.