Hiring a Comedian Suited for Your Event


Everyone has their own sense of humor. From giggles to chuckles and cackles, we humans laugh for many reasons . While the way in which we get to the chuckles varies so widely, most will agree that laughter brings people together. Laughter connects humans with one another and makes us, humans, feel better.

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was right. Smiling and laughing has medical benefits . It improves our mood. When we laugh, our body releases feel-good chemicals (endorphins) that lower stress hormones and helps the body release tensions naturally. Laughter is a sure cure for stress indeed.

Hiring comedians is a fantastic way to engage the audience in your event. It provides an unforgettable experience. But what tickles your funny bone, must be booked right.

There are several types of comedians available, amusing their audiences in different ways. The show, the set and  the demographics do matter. Some comics do require creative elements needed to produce humor while others are stand alone. For most part, the audience is integral to the experience of live comedy engagement. It is a contributing factor to the overall quality of the experience and the appreciation of the skill of the comic's performance rests on the guests. Understanding the audience and planning the event will help you determine what comedian is best suited for the task. It is then necessary to look into factors like these in order to come up with the right fit.

Go over the Audience and Venue

Getting a sense of the crowd type the performer will be in front of will help you narrow down the type you want. The best entertainer should match the overall tone of the event.

You also have to ensure your venue can fit comedian so that you get the best match in the end. Some comedians require only a microphone and stage, while others need a whole lot more to entertain an audience. Some do better in short spots. Others prefer a long set and engage with the guests. It is best to ask the performer what arrangement they need to be at their best.

Choose a Genre

There are comedians who tailor jokes to a particular subject. There are Christian comedians, political comedians, comedians who lean on family life for fodder, and even corporate comedians. There are clean comedians, dark comedians, and dirty ones.

If your audience is one that can be narrowly categorized, you might want to consider a genre comedian. This way the audience can relate well to the jokes. They’ll be more inclined to enjoy themselves if what they’re hearing feels familiar.

Stand-Up Comedian

The best funniest shows often come from stand-up comedians. These comedians can make nearly anything into a joke. In this comedy performance, the comic takes a joke one step further through live audience participation.

Most often, these comedians remind you of the class clown or funny friend who makes light of every scenario.

Ventriloquist Comedian

Utilizing a puppet as a comedic vessel may seem childish, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are looking for a children’s, all-family, or adults-only event, a ventriloquist can be a great addition. Jeff Dunham is one such talent who has been widely successful with this type of comedy.

Ventriloquists bring a range of characters to the stage with them through the various “dummies” they use. This adds depth to the type of jokes they tell.

Ventriloquism is plain cool. It’s a treat to watch someone throw their voice in an effective way.

Physical Comedian

Some of the most well-loved comedians are masters of physical comedy. These comics rely on physical gags and interaction to help their jokes land. This slapstick comedy is often meant for a very particular audience.

Improv Comics

Improv is a form of live theatre where the actors make up situations and characters on the spot and act out scenes. Since characters, scenes and dialogues are made up in the moment, every show is wildly different from the last.

Improv groups often have ways of determining the start of these prompts, but they also look to audiences often to call out or submit situations while on stage to help them along.

Once you've selected a comedian that fits your criteria, the next step is to make contact to determine if the comedian’s calendar will be open and available to take offers.

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