TikTok unveils it #BeCyberSmart global tool kit in time for Valentine's Day

As the leading destination for short-form mobile video, TikTok is excited to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day. With more than 225B video views about #love, the world is buzzing with feelings this season. TikTok is committed to educating its community about the dangers of cybercriminals posing as a potential love interest online as finding companionship online surges on.

TikTok calls on people to take heed and  follow  these security tips:

Take it slow - Ask questions and pay attention to inconsistencies that might reveal your online romantic interest is an impostor.

Do your homework - Conduct a reverse image search of your online partner's profile photo (you can use images.google.com). If the results show the same profile photo on another site or with a different name attached, a scammer may have stolen it.

Don't play games - Don't give away too much personal information to someone you only know online, and be extra cautious of people who make repeated attempts to meet up with you in person.

Never show 'em the money - You should never send payments or agree to accept money from someone you've only met online or by phone.

Listen to your heart, follow your head - If something seems amiss or if you suspect someone you met online isn't who they say they are, cut off all contact immediately and report to the relevant authorities.

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