Best Places in Vermont to Own Vacation Property

When many think of vacation states, South Carolina, Florida, and California come to mind:  but what if Vermont came into the conversation? This beautiful state has everything from lush green forests to beautiful riverside properties.

Although it may be unconventional: this could be the best state to own vacation property!

Why Vermont?

The idea of a vacation home in Vermont shouldn't surprise you! This state has something for everything from industrial fun like the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and the Ben & Jerry's factory, both of which offer tours to guests, to the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa and the Pinnacle Trail Summit, you'll never run out of unique experiences.

Those who visit here get blown away and come back time and time again. If you're not sure about it, call, and you'll fall in love instantly.


The most populated city in Vermont, Burlington doesn’t initially catch anyone’s eyes as a vacation destination, but this city is thick with history and gorgeous scenery. Some of the streets here feel like you’re diving back into time and walking in history.

This is ranked the best city in the USA to raise a family, but looking at Burlington housesfor sale doesn’t mean you have to live here full-time. Vacationing in Burlington is paradise.


Tucked into the very southernmost border of Vermont, at the base of Mount Equinox, Manchester is the best place to vacation if you want to feel like every day is a visit to summer camp. Idyllic rolling mountains and hills, gorgeous lakes and rivers, and perfect summer weather make this area feel like it was carved out with peace and tranquility in mind.


Stowe is a perfect mountain town that feels like it fell loose from heaven and brought paradise down to earth. Horse-drawn carriage rides, ski slopes, beautiful nature as far as the eyes can see, and glorious colors in autumn, ensure that this area is incredible year-round.

Vacation homes here are available at whatever budget you're working with and offer the chance to do anything from zip-lining to fun shopping and stunning nature viewing. Stowe is by far the best vacation destination in Vermont and should be in the top choices for anyone wanting to purchase a vacation home.


If your idea of a vacation is getting as far away from the noise and trouble of city life as possible: Killington will catch your imagination and heart. Nestled in the Green Mountains of southwest Vermont, it's a perfect place for anyone who loves hiking, skiing, or mountain biking.

Known as a rustic area, you can enjoy this section of the state year-round, as summers are comfortable and slow-paced and in the winter things heat up in skiing and snowboarding.

Vermont will Happily Surprise any Vacationer

From the gorgeous Green Mountain National Forest to the incredible cities, Vermont is here to thrill and surprise. If you want a vacation somewhere unique that's free of crowds and full of wonderful adventures, it's time to make a trip to Vermont.