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Cooking can be likened to Science and Art working together simultaneously.

At , the physiology of food and its effect on people is presented in entertaining ways. There are over 100 fun gaming collections to keep you entertained while learning about culinary arts, the restaurant business, creating menus, farming, cooking and mastering new cooking techniques, in an interactive environment.

If you love cooking and enjoy the creative presentation of food, then this site will pique your interest in culinary arts further.

Learning new recipes is a good way of spending another year in isolation and I make use of Culinary School's free online games to boost my mood during my idle hours. And here are some which took my fancy:

Merge Cakes is a simple dessert match and combine game where you make income-earning pastries to unlock new, better recipes that earn you more money.

The board size starts with a 2 x 3 grid of 6 pieces and it increases in size to include more rows, columns plus dessert varieties. As you progress through the game, you unlock achievements and get monetary rewards which you may use to buy recipe match ups.

You must leave little idle money as possible and purchase items from the store to speed up your game success and open the next bakery (pastry saloon).

Onet Fruit Classic is an ideal free tile-matching puzzle game if you want a mentally engaging challenge to bide the time away. In this Mahjong Connect type board game, the object of the game is to remove all the tiles by spotting adjacent pairs and clicking on them. You need to spot tiles which can be connected with a line segment that makes no more than two 90 degree turns around and on the outer edge of the board before the time runs out!

You can use one of your five available hints to point you in the right direction of matching pairs if you are stuck at one point or opt for shuffle button to reshuffle the tiles. I find the next levels a bit more challenging as the tiles fill in another  downward or upward direction. 

You can play these games and more on the browser of your smartphone or computer without the need to download anything. There are no annoying adds nor resource-intensive graphics that eat up device memory. You just immerse yourself in these games and idle your time away.