In-Store Robotic Displays: How FMCG Brands are charting new territories in Trade Marketing during this Pandemic

Brands have depended on the same-old in-store marketing and visual merchandising to enhance engagement and sales strategies for decades: cardboards, shelf stoppers, sampling initiatives, and price discounts.

With e-commerce and online shopping building a strong presence in the world of retail, the is a need for upgrading the shopping experience within physical stores.

Then enter the pandemic and everything about what we know was thrown under the bus! The customer behavior haa changed at a rapid pace.

Consumers only visited groceries that follow appropriate health safety protocols, decreased their shopping time, and prioritized only the essential categories.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands faced obstacles in trade marketing, such as how to announce brand promotional offers and perform activations inside the store.

So, given how shoppers refuse to engage with human promoters due to Covid risks and some stores banning promoters altogether, the In-Store Robotic Display (RD) came into being.

Enter Youthopia's Robotic Display Solution

Youthopia's robotic display solution is the ideal program for brands to achieve their goals specifically in driving awareness and trial for newly introduced products to the market – may it be new flavors, new scents, or new variants, and ultimately conversion for new products.

Youthopia pioneered Tokinomo here in the Philippines, a shelf advertising robotic display that highlights products and allows for a completely new sort of brand communication at the point of sale.

One that has never been seen before!

The interactive approach used by Tokinomo is disruptive, memorable, and effective. Tokinomo creates things that talk, dance, move, or sing to market themselves! Imagine a robot advertising superstar!

Besides winning the trust of top FMCG brands all over the world, Tokinomo Robotic Display has won several international awards for being the best retail innovation and digital POP display solution.

The Holy Grail of In-store Marketing in this Great Reset

The In-Store Robotic Display was expected to cause market disruption. And since it will be the first in the Philippines, brands are optimistic that it will result in significant growth for participating brands.

The RD is simple to install inside the store and is affordable! More and more brands have tried it. The list includes Alaska Creamy Evap, Alaska Powdered Milk, Alaska Condensed Milk, Kellogg’s Choco Magic, Similac Gain School, Similac Tummy Care, UFC Soup, UFC Gravy, UFC Fun Chow, Wow Sarap and Locally as its early users.

Robotic Displays for FMCG brands

The supermarket aisles had grown silent the past year, as the country goes through a series of lockdowns. With customers used to nearly limitless shopping options online, the return to a physical retail store can sometimes be a bit jarring. At a time of pandemic where safety is the most important consideration of doing brand activations, the RD program will serve the purpose of human promodizers. The cutting edge Robotic Diaplays will dissolve the boundaries between online and in-store shopping.

This innovative solution is an opportunity for FMCG brands to set themselves apart from the competition. As a matter of fact, FMCG brands around the world are already using Robotic Displays with outstanding results. Implemented across a wide variety of retail brands, this create an omnichannel experience that builds brands, engages customers, and drives sales.

Interactive Digital Displays allows every single product to tell its story and we are likely to see this innovative trend more in the years to come.