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Since COVID-19 lockdowns have been implemented to mitigate transmission surges, most have turned to the internet for stress busters, entertainment and distraction from the daily grind. Two years will have passed since the pandemic, we are still stuck at home keeping safe.

Like many people, I love playing games. And offers a cross-device gameplay of my childhood classic card games, to several categories that include Match 3 tile games, Word games, Mahjong, Logic Puzzles, Hidden Object Game, and Solitaire. This is one place for online gaming fun!

I love that all games are browser-based. I can play these games on the browser of my smartphone or computer without the need to create an account---no need to download anything, or sign up for any service. There are no annoying adds nor resource-intensive graphics that eat up device memory.

I make use of its free game collection whenever I need to boost my mood. And here are some which I like:

Candy Fiesta is a tile game inspired by the popular Candy Crush.

Candy Fiesta is a game of skill, wherein you match three candies or more of the same color in a row or special shape. The board size starts with a 6x6 grid of 36 pieces. Board increases to include more rows, columns and candy variety eventually. The game gets harder as you move higher up into the levels.

A player is given 65 moves to score as many points as he can by making special candies, and using combination moves to earn combo multiplier bonuses.

If you have a keen eye for details, then you'll love the art of object hunting (Hidden Object Games).  In the Hidden  Kitchen, the goal is to find 10 hidden objects listed on the right side of your screen given the Time Limits. An incorrect click deducts 5 seconds from your remaining time.

And this game site doesn’t fall short of its namesake either. It has 8 variations of solitaire games that you can play. This includes FreeCell, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Tripeaks, Golf, Mahjong, and the Standard Solitaire.  Difficulty levels do vary so try each one.

Head on to for some interesting gamefun!