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Playing video games had been a huge part of my childhood. I am the only girl among four sibling and so my parents were overprotective. I don't get to go out and play outside like the boys do.  Stuck at home, I often filled my spare time  reading books and playing the Atari. 

Playing Space Invaders and Pacman was a popular past time for me then. I remember fumbling with the controller back in my younger years as I attempt to move to the next level. I eventually improved my motor skills and easily toggled on the joystick later on. These arcade games were my early boredom busters.

As technology innovates, we eventually upgraded to the Nintendo and Playstation video game consoles later on. I find strategy and simulation games even more enjoyable.
Now, since lockdowns have been implemented to mitigate COVID-19 surge, people have been turning to the internet for their entertainment needs. And I am glad to have stumbled upon a free gaming website. is one of the best sites that offer a great selection of free games online. Online games have become a popular choice for cheap entertainment, stress buster and a distraction from the daily quarantine grind. And offers a cross-device gameplay of my childhood classic games, to several categories that include action games, strategy, adventure, puzzles, brainteasers, board games, and more.

There are over 100 games available which I can play on the browser of my smartphone, computer or tablet without the need to create an account nor need to download apps. All games are browser-based.

I have spent time playing on the platform to try out some and here are my favorites:

Tap Supermarket

Tap Supermarket is a grocery store simulation game that lets you enjoy game progress even when you only have a bit of time to spare. You manage your own stocks and crew in your intermittent idle hours. You are in charge of overseeing timely restocking of goods and checking out customers' carts.

Each day offers a daily target earnings for you to open new departments and invest in much-needed upgrades. You must leave little idle money as possible. Each upgrade costs higher than the previous so you should prioritize the least expensive options as you open new departments. The object of the game is to rake in profit.

Fight Virus

Fight Virus is a hospital simulation game. In this HTML game, you need to keep the patients running quickly through the hospital's Reception, Medical Check up area, and Ward and clean the environment simultaneously to prevent COVID-19 virus from overloading the health center. You should oversee patients waiting in line to get the necessary treatment in sync with the "green timer". Otherwise, they might go undetected and start spreading virus around the hospital.

There is a meter in the lower left corner which indicates percentage of hospital infection. The game ends when you fail to sanitize the hospital and the gauge reaches 70% level infection.  I find this game a bit challenging to move up the next rounds.

The are lots of other amazing games in store. Check out 's free collection  when you need to boost your mood and get to enjoy over 300 games.


  1. I love this site! My fave is also the Tap Supermarket :) It's perfect to pass the time.

  2. we play in this site! nakakaadik po lalo na tetris sarap magpaka old school


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