Arrogant Bonchon SM East branch cockily admits misdemeanor of blatant Food Tampering Scandal

FOOD SABOTAGE is a deliberate, gross violation of the health / sanitation code of Pasig LGU food establishments and RA 7394 (Consumer Act of the Philippines of 1991).
I claimed 2 shopee vouchers for Regular Size BonChon Flavoured Fries in Sour Cream flavor at SM East Ortigas branch last June 10, 2021 (11AM). Instead of warm fries, I was handed a cold bag of fries, as if taken out straight from the refrigerator. 

Perflexed at how cold the brown paper bag was to touch, I opened it to check. The SM East branch served soggy and LIMP LEFTOVER French fries. The fries' appearance and texture don't lie. There is a big difference between a newly-cooked batch and a recycled one. 

When I complained to the female crew that I want a freshly cooked batch, she merely heated the same 2 servings in a microwave and gave it back to me. There were only 2 store staff (male supervisor and female crew) at the time I came in.  I left in disgust.

Regardless of the amount I paid to avail of the Bonchon - Shopee vouchers, I am a paying customer who deserves quality food. So, I decided to file a formal complaint via Bonchon IG and FB platforms. The @bonchon_ph instagram account asked for my personal details, cellphone number, pictures and purchase proof to support my claim. 

Adding Insult to Injury

On June 11, text came in at 8:55PM with following message: 

Piso nalng nag rereklamo kapa? Patay gutom ka ser? Hahahaha. Sarap ba kulangot?

Bonchon SM East even had the audacity to declare that they sabotaged my meal by intentionally adding booger! And SHE cockily announced HER misdemeanor to spite me even more. 

The number 0910-6967908 is GCash registered under the name ADRIANNE C

 I find the cocky text thoroughly aggravating. It was downright infuriating knowing that they did it on purpose! Instead of doing damage control, Bonchon's customer service further made the offense worse. I salute you for your epic Customer Service fails of all time! You messed up real bad!
I just called out your food service irregularities as a consumer. Must you go through extreme measures to get back at me for merely doing so?

FOOD SABOTAGE is blatant violation of Food Safety protocol in the pandemic! Breaking food safety regulations on purpose is an entirely different matter from unsafe food handling practices! Serving contaminated food with ill intent can never be justified! There is criminal liability for instigating a health hazard!

I am aware of the steps I have to take and will see to it that my complaints will not end up falling on deaf ears.

Food establishments pass through rigorous processes to obtain sanitary permits necessary to operate business.  Why would Bonchon sabotage its own ranks at the expense of consumers? You sure have a line up of twisted minds in your pack.