Everyday Living with Diabetes


Life changes when a family member suffers from a chronic disease such as diabetes. Diabetes had become a natural part of our family members’ daily life when Leo was diagnosed.

Life can be hard for someone who has Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). It restricts quality of life and compromises metabolic control. It seemed overwhelming at first, since day-to-day living must be planned carefully. It is a family disease. The diabetes of one family member has an influence over the other members of the family. We started integrating diabetes into our everyday life after his diagnosis. Eating habits and lifestyle had to be modified. We all have to live according to the meal schedule without exceptions in order to encourage him to adhere to a demanding regimen. All had to get acquainted with the disease in order to prevent diabetes-related complications. It is a good thing that he takes charge of reducing his glucose level.

Diabetes occurs when one's blood sugar is too high. After eating, your blood sugar (glucose) rises. This rise in glucose triggers the pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein. It tells the cells to open up and let the glucose in. Once inside, the cells convert glucose into energy or store it for use later. Without insulin, The body is unable to process and use glucose properly. Glucose stays in the blood instead. With too much glucose in the bloodstream (Hyperglycemia) for a long time, vessels that supply blood to vital organs are damaged. Poorly controlled diabetes often leads to serious, life-threatening complications such as heart attack or stroke. For this reason, doctors advise patients to strive for early tight control.

As endogenous insulin continues to decline, introducing insulin therapy becomes necessary. Timely insulinization shuns away complications. It prevents Diabetes progression, and helps in reducing diabetes-related complications. Early initiation of insulin has been shown to be an effective treatment to achieve near to normal glucose control among Diabetic patients. Insulinization gives them an opportunity to live healthier and normal lives.

100 years since the discovery of insulin, Sanofi is at the cornerstone of diabetes management, offering a diversified portfolio of insulin products. Sanofi has made insulins more accessible through its partnerships with AC Health and Watsons. With the (insulin) pen, Filipino patients are empowered to write their own story -- live well and manage their Diabetes condition in a simple and convenient way.

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