Blogging as a Passion

I was in my mid-thirties when I had my child. As a first time mom, I was often browsing the internet for mommy hacks and tips.

Motherhood was something absolutely new to me then and I felt overwhelmed by the radical redesign of my old "kinetic" self. I was always rushing to complete one work deadline to another and so I find  that the transition to a working mom was harder than I thought.

I was inspired by reading through momhood articles, especially those entries made by mommy bloggers. I found solace in realizing that I was not alone in experiencing a roller coaster of emotions--- motherhood is  certainly different for everybody. In time, I started my own blog to share my own parenting journey  and impart ideas that capture my fancy. I started blogging about fun things that make me happy and things that I feel strongly about.

PR and marketing agencies took notice and I got invitations to cover product launches, to join in brand campaigns and do product reviews. The blogging world enriched my life. I found it easy to make new friends who share the same passion for writing. I was able to connect with other bloggers, most of whom have become my long time, real, mommy friends. I started my career in the blogosphere alone and found these nice people who helped me in my blogging endeavors. They urged me to continue on doing the things I want to do at times when I was slacking.

Running a blog is easy. It is a rewarding hobby that I can be proud of. My blog entries opened up opportunities for me to do sponsored posts. On occasions wherein I needed to provide samples of published work to potential clients, my blog becomes a primary source. Building a blog helped me generate passive income from home after I quit my day job in 2011.

An Engaging Blog is the Endgame

I was looking at creating a blog with a passive revenue  so I have started to make blog improvements.

Netizens regularly read blog entries and posting something of value to them will definitely drive traffic to my site. I narrowed my niche to lifestyle and posted on food/travel topics that I am passionate about.  I learned that writing articles with catchy headlines on topics that people want to know more about attracts internet users to my site. I've made use of videos and eye-catching pictures to make more engaging blog entries.

Is blogging really worth it? Will it pay off?

Yes, considering that you do it the right way by putting in a lot of work. Making a quality blog requires tough grind and patience. Content is king.      In blogging, readers are one click away from you so a well-executed blog will give you leverage.

I sometimes find it hard to stay inspired to make compelling content that stands out. Writer's block do happen, it's an uphill battle. And so whenever I feel overwhelmed by competition, I just tell myself that there are people less qualified than me who blog about things I want to, simply because they started to believe in themselves. Then I pick up my pen and push onward.


  1. ako naman di ko sya inisip as to earn revenue kasi ive been blogging na since i graduated highschool kaya bonus na lang all the things i get from blogging. pero yes shempre me upgrade na ako now compare before.

  2. Agree with writer's block or minsan wala ko sa mood magblog like last year kasi feeling ko pandemic, parang hindi naman okay magpost ng travel trips. Pero this year, go lang ko sa pagblog kasi ang tagal na ng pandemic, dami ko na backlogs.

  3. Great inputs you got here. I wanted to go back to active blogging. I will ask tips from you. 😊

  4. Blogging really do pays off, basta matiyaga at masipag, diba?

  5. Yes to quality content!
    I also believe in working hard for it. Let's continue doing so for our blogs. I have faith that quality readers will also find their way to our stories.


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