Usher in Abundance this Year of the Metal Ox

Food is the cornerstone of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The Lunar New Year is synonymous with feasting on lucky Chinese food that is believed to usher in good health, abundance and prosperity for the coming year.

Eating the traditional rice cake (Nian Gao), popularly known as tikoy, is considered good luck during this festive time of the year.

Polland Hopia's take on the round tikoy comes in six special flavors: White sugar (original), Brown Sugar, Ube, Pineapple, Pandan, and Strawberry (starts at ₱ 125, small). Polland also has a couple of Nian Gao options for tikoy lovers looking for variety. They have the Polland Handpainted Fish Tikoy set in a premium red box. Fish-Shaped Tikoy symbolizes prosperity and longevity.

They also got limited-edition tikoy variants, like the Polland Heart Tikoy and Polland Mini Tikoy that come in exquisite gift boxes – a perfect Chinese New Year present for your loved ones, friends and business associates.

Welcome the Year of the Metal Ox with these sweet and sticky fix! Order through Shopee now and attract a year of positivity, good fortune, happiness and peace in this Year of the Metal Ox.