New Year, New Me: Signs You’ve Embraced the Adult Life

Transitioning to adulthood is never easy. As one comes of age, he is thrust into having to take things more seriously. There always seem to be bumps along the way even when you plan ahead. That being said, growing up can feel less overwhelming once you start achieving adulting milestones step-by-step.

Think you’ve mastered the art of adulting? Here are some tell-tale signs:

You have a steady job. Job-hopping is natural at the beginning of your career. As you grow older though, you develop a more diverse skill set and begin to understand what you want to do until you retire. Your career is on you. You weigh in on the pros and cons of moving from one job to another, and decide on what you think is best.

You manage your time wisely. There is a misconception that being busy equates to being productive. People try to multitask and eventually get burned out. Busy people work harder while productive people work smarter with a purpose. As an adult, you come to grips with accepting the fact that you can’t juggle multiple responsibilities all at once. Understanding that prioritization is key in lessening the burden helps.

You prioritize your finances, and ensure government papers. When you were younger, you were comfortable living from paycheck to paycheck. Now, you’re financially independent and only spend what you can afford. You keep track of all your bills. You want to avoid the hassle of time-consuming queues, and so you pay for your utilities and reload your radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers on time and online.

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