Intelegencia BPO powers through COVID-19 crisis

The world was caught offguard by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. As the number of coronavirus cases surge, a lot of things were put in jeopardy. The current coronavirus situation was unprecedented in both event and scale that the economy, business and healthcare were greatly impacted by the situation. No one saw it coming. This pandemic brought on drastic changes and has placed health and safety up on the front.

The industry devastation plus the isolation measures that followed in March 2020 had resulted to numerous setbacks that threatened Intelegencia's operations in return.

There is no doubt that post-pandemic workplace operates differently than the pre-pandemic office. The hr outsourcing service provider lost no time in finding ways to navigate its way through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. With its clients' interests in mind, Intelegencia powered through the economic downturn by constantly exploring ways to foresee probable impacts, strategizing and mapping-out paths towards a viable solution to the "new normal" business woes one by one.

It offered shuttle services as soon as the government announced a nationwide lockdown. And when mass transportation has been cancelled following quarantine restrictions, the international hr consulting team allocated resources to tailored employee vehicle services for those who continue to adopt an in-office work environment.

There were changes to how offices are structured. Office life and work area layouts experienced makeovers. Barrier protections were set up to block the spread of pathogens. In response to an unexpected crisis, Intelegencia saw it fit to transition a number of previously on-premise employees to remote work setups in the aftermath of COVID-19. With a percentage of people now operating out of a physical office space, Intelegencia took extra care to create a happy environment for its employees through engaging activities such as INTG Superheroes Contest and Music Icons Quiz Night. And since sports and fitness activities are limited when all couped up at home, Intelegencia included the Fitness Challenge in its 2020 project line ups.

Despite Covid-19 lockdown enforcing most members to work from home, it is still business as usual for the company. Intelegencia continued on creating opportunities, surpassing key targets and achieving common goals in service of its client base. Thriving through COVID-19 chaos was challenging but the organization stayed on top of its game with uninterrupted service.

Founder and CEO Perry Chaturvedi attributes Intelegencia's success to its dedicated squad, “I didn’t know if we were going to survive as a company and as a group. But thankfully, Intelegencia globally survived. Intelegencia Philippines did outstanding this year.”

The constant improvements had finally paid off with impressive results, earning Intelegencia a 62 percent increase in clientelle portfolio. New partnerships were forged. Coupled with its loyal BPO accounts, these propelled Intelegencia from its initial 300 member count to a 500-strong gang by end of 2020. Intelegencia's impresive growth became evident as 2020 ended. Intelegencia celebrated its exemplary feat with stakeholders and prime movers in the recent Year-End Party.

And if hurdling a tough year amidst lockdown isn't too much, Intelegencia also gave back to the local communities where it operates. It actively participated in outreach programs directed towards aiding indigent kababayans. The recent wave of typhoons devastated Filipino communities, submerging several towns and displacing thousands of residents. While Filipinos are known for their resiliency, most needed help in order to bounce back and resume normal lives. Team members saw their plight and extended help to families in these typhoon-stricken regions. The donation drive via the “Sharing Is Caring” program benefitted many coronavirus-affected regions and communities weighed down by the tropical storm.
As government pandemic response change and COVID-19 restrictions continue to cause uncertainty and worry for many, the company continues to look for ways to support everybody in the best way it can during these trying times. Malasakit drives Intelligencia's planning and responses to these ever-changing events. Armed with renewed hope and breakthrough ideas, the BPO team has its eyes set on a properous 2021 with greater objectives at hand.