‘Be Still’ Gospel Album now streaming on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud


A song that was originally created for someone  going through a difficult time in life, has now evolved into something that anyone  can relate to amidst trying times. 

Whenever we encounter  hardships, the tendency is to either face the obstacles or take flight. We fight or fly as permanent life changes come crashing down.   This song tells us to take a deep breath and "Be Still". 

Be Still is a praise album created by Maria Chew along with some of her closest friends. It differs from other praise albums in the sense that each song has its own story to tell and is aged through time. 

The Creation 

The sound of each song is an expression of how unique God’s creativity flows through every individual. Some chords are unpredictable, while some will surprise you. The creators mostly used 7th & 9 chords in their music. 

Paired with  unique  musical arrangements by Eric Pablo,  every song is a different experience.

Creating this album for Maria has been a lifelong dream. Just like anything that is worth doing, there were hardships and challenges---the main one being that of scheduling. Despite the fact that the creator, singers, and arranger live in different countries, things started to fall into place. In God’s perfect timing,   the singers, the recording studio, the sound engineer and everyone’s schedule all matched in one day.  The rest is history.

The Singers 

The singer for “Be Still”  song cover is Jenny Pagalilauan. Maria and Jenny used to be bandmates.  Both lost track of each other over time but were reunited with the help of Facebook. Jenny was the perfect choice because she has a strong solid mature voice, especially when reaching high notes. 

She sings 3 more songs in the album: “Fullness of Joy,” “Wonderful Savior”, and “Lord of My Life”.

Faith Purificacion sings “Touch My Heart”, a creation of Pastor Eric, as well as “He Restores My Soul”, which is a collaboration between Maria and her eldest daughter.

The only male singer in the album is Zaldy Reblora. He is from the music ministry of the church that Maria used to attend. His voice is perfect for duets and is a perfect fit for “I Pray in Jesus’ Name”,  a song which was composed 20 years ago. 

Nearly everyone can relate to the Cover Song “Be Still”  in today’s global pandemic. When something we wanted and hoped for fails to materialize, stress comes in. And when we are stressed, we have no peace. God tells us to just be still, and have faith. He will give us peace that passes all understanding. Trusting in Him is important because He cares for all of us. Even at times when we are happy, we need to stand still and meditate on the goodness of God in our lives.  We shoud stand still and know that He is in control.

It is for this reason that the song was chosen. In this day and age where everyone is in a hurry to post, like, share, comment, and just get on with things, it is necessary that we stay still and wait. It is through stillness that we can communicate with God and hear His message for us. Be still.

Listen to the song “Be Still” through SoundCloud, You Tube, Amazon Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, and also on other digital stores worldwide.