OWTO ride-hailing app set to conquer market share

Competition is healthy in the business world. It brings out creativity and innovation in everyone.

To effectively compete, businesses are pushed to adapt to constant changes. The ever-changing market drives entrepreneurs to explore all opportunities and innovate in order for them to stay at the top of their game. Each player strives to outwit competition in order to be a market leader. And when industry players compete with each other, both consumers and businesses benefit.

Monopoly Drawbacks

It was a commuter's dream when ride-hailing apps started in 2014 more. The public no longer had to deal choosy cab drivers and exorbitant taxi fees. Getting a ride right one's doorstep in just a few minutes was easy using a mobile phone. Switching from Easy Taxi, Grab Taxi, Uber and Hype was just a click away.

But then the rival ride-hailing apps folded one by one, until Grab became the lone ride-hailing company in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. Uber's exit from the country in 2019 led to Grab's monopoly status--- giving them market power that harms consumers. With no alternative, riders had to put up with Grab's deteriorating service, frequent driver cancellations at much higher fees. Grab was even able to leverage its ride-hailing dominance to boost its other lines of business, such as food delivery, shopping and gifting. 

Why should commuters settle for mediocre service level when one can shift to a better provider as an option? 

We need more players to enter the fray. We could all use a little more innovation within their riding industry. 

 A New Player emerges 

OWTO Philippines is joining the ride-hailing app industry. This local startup company, has is eyes set on gaining a fair share of the current market.

It needs Facebook to effectively compete with Grab.

The OwtoPhl page is a platform that give jobs and livelihood to partner drivers amid this Global Pandemic. It provides an effective and viable venue for customer service. Concerns, rider issues and inquiries can be addressed in a timely manner through it.

We are appealing to Facebook to restore the OWTO Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/owtophl/

Please put the facebook page back up. Limit reversal will help OWTO thrive in a healthy competition.

Filipino commuters do deserve better service quality at an affordable price.