Unprecedented fear and stress brought on by Covid-19 crisis

We were all caught off guard when the novel coronavirus ravaged the world.

Legislators around the world grab on to social distancing and population control measures to contain COVID-19 virus' rapid transmission across borders.

Infection that sparked a Wildfire

The number of infections, confirmed positive cases, deaths, and recoveries is on the uptrend and nobody had the answer. Nobody knows when it will end. 

The number of deaths from COVID-19 epidemic places a heavy toll on the health system. Hospitals, morgues and funeral parlors are overwhelmed. The cases went beyond their current capacity and resources as families continue to bury their dead every 30 minutes, many without the last religious rites.

We have gone past the 101st day of lockdown enforcement and still people are suffering from lack of testings, lack of quarantine facilities.

Behavioral issues comes with Disruption in Routine

The prolonged paralysis of everyday social and economic life has taken a toll on everyone's economic life as well as overall health. Going on 3 months and counting, more and more people are overwhelmed by the global lockdown.

Mental health issues are on the rise as many individuals cannot handle the isolation. There seems to be an increase in anxiety, fears, nightmares, sleeping difficulties, and meltdowns as we continue to spend days and nights with in an enclosed space during lockdown.

Some long-distance relationships became prone to challenges as most couples need to wait for months to be able to see their partners. Loved ones are even required to do a 14-day quarantine after arrival at the nearest airport. There is a need for each one to be tested right away on their health status. Ruling out COVID-19, and other health problems is a MUST.

A lot of cooped-up time can bring out the worst in everyone. The mental health imbalance prompts some to take on aggressive behavior against others. It has been reported that rape cases among family members and in the community had increased during this pandemic lockdown. 

Discrimination, domestic violence, and bullying incidences are often heard in the news and social media. It is a frightening time for families. Most people are now out of their minds and are weighed down by the circumstances. Life amid quarantine is not normal. COVID-19 makes life uncertain.

“Chunking” your Quarantine

It is scary that this pandemic will go on for an undetermined amount of time. Moments of big uncertainty can be overwhelming. We have no road map for this. We will have moments when we will not be at our best.

So what can we do?

We can find and identify a piece of pandemic challenge that we can manage. Focus on something you can control.

Take one easy chunk that feels doable, one at a time. By managing bite-sized pieces of our life, we get to control our own anxiety around overwhelming issues. This would help us maintain self-regulation as we move through moments of distress.

COVID-19 pandemic is a season of life and it will come to pass. This will soon be over and we shall all return to being safe, free, and connected in the upcoming days.