7 Ways to make Mother’s Day More Meaningful

Celebrating Mother’s Day may be different this year. Amidst an outbreak, there are still creative ways to paying tribute to the most special woman in our lives—our moms.

We can still make this Sunday's festivities remarkable at home by adding a dash of creativity and resourcefulness to the mix. From serving up the ultimate breakfast in bed to turning your bathroom into a day spa for some much-deserved ‘me’ time, here are seven ways to make for Mama’s special day so much more unforgettable even in a global pandemic.

Start with well-intended breakfast in bed

Show up in her bedroom carrying a tray full of her breakfast favorites. But before you do that, make sure you’ve got everything-- bread, eggs, coffee, and some flowers on the side! Luckily, SMDC residents are just an elevator away from supermarkets so whipping up some of her morning favorites is so easy.

She binge-watches, you clean

Let mom step away and binge-watch the latest Netflix shows with her favorite snacks on the side while you clean the house. Make up for those times that she cleaned up after you. After all, helping do the chores is counted as a gift, right?

DIY a sundae bar

These past few days have been extremely hot so why not hold an ice cream party for your mom? Residents across SMDC residences don’t need to worry about their ice cream melting on their way home as convenience stores such as Alfamart are just a few minutes away from their units. So stock up on candies, toppings, and of course, mom’s favorite ice cream flavor, and create a sundae for her.

Do the laundry

Moms usually do the laundry for us. Give her time off from the washing machine by taking on the task! But you don’t know how to do the laundry, you say? Take it to the laundromat! For SMDC residents, doing the laundry is easy as they can bring their laundry to the laundromat downstairs and spend more time with mom!

Whip Up mim's favorite dish

Use your own newfound cooking skills to create mom’s favorite dish for lunch. Get the freshest produce from the nearest supermarket, or, if you live in an SMDC property in the MOA complex, through The Good Guys Market. Check out SMDC’s Facebook page for easy-to-prepare dishes and unleash the cooking diva in you.

Have a cake delivered to her

Whether you are with your mom or not, you can have a cake delivered to her on her special day. With bakeshops open around SMDC residences, getting a box of Black Forest or Sansrival delivered to her is a piece of cake!

Pamper her in your home spa

Our moms are in desperate need of quality R&R so consider creating a DIY spa at home for her to relax after a long day. Draw her a detoxifying bath infused with sea salt, lavender, and chamomile and let her soak away the stress. After her relaxing bath, she can take care of her peepers with hydrating eye masks. Then you can cap it by touching up her nails and giving her a hand massage using a moisturizing hand cream. Fortunately for SMDC residents, they can get these materials in no time as personal care stores such as Watsons remain open in their vicinity.

Whatever you choose to do for your mom on Mother’s Day, she will surely be happy with it. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you showed your appreciation, gratitude, and love to her.