Pru Life UK launches free COVID-19 protection and Personal Accident via its PULSE health app

In an effort to help FIlipinos prevent, postpone, and protect themselves from the current health crisis, the leading life insurer Pru Life UK is offering free COVID-19 protection and Personal Accident (PA) coverage. 

It is a FREE, one-time, 45-day insurance product that safeguards Filipinos and their families from death and disablement. Starting April 11, 2020, all Filipinos aged 18 to 64 can enjoy this limited, exclusive offer, which includes a death benefit or lump sum amount of P 100,000 for the bereaved family if the insured passes away due to accident, or as a result of COVID-19, subject to terms and conditions. Eligible health workers will receive a double COVID-19 death benefit worth P 200,000.

To register for the offer, eligible Filipinos need to download the free Pulse app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. App registrants are required to create an account and complete their profiles while existing Pulse registrants will receive an in-app notification directing them to complete their profiles in order to register for the free COVID-19 protection. Applicants will also be requested to complete the profiles of their beneficiaries through Pulse. A confirmation email will be sent to the policyowners and their beneficiaries upon successful registration.

Pru Life UK offers free COVID-19 protection  to the first 500,000 individuals who register their profiles on Pru Life UK’s artificial intelligence-powered health and wellness app that offers holistic health management. Coverage commences from the date of registration.

Prevent, Postpone and Protect with Pulse

“The alarming spread of COVID-19 has significantly impacted the lives of millions of Filipinos. At Pru Life UK, we aim to provide comprehensive and innovative products and services like Pulse to help people prevent and postpone the onset of diseases, as well as to protect them during times of health emergency and financial uncertainty,” Pru Life UK President and CEO Antonio “Jumbing” De Rosas shared. “In line with our ‘We DO’ spirit, we are stepping up our efforts to support as many Filipinos and their families as possible, particularly our health workers, and provide them peace of mind as they face the challenge of the COVID-19 outbreak,” he explained.

More protection solutions for COVID-19 patients

The complimentary COVID-19 protection and PA coverage is one of the several initiatives of Pru Life UK to help ease the emotional distress and financial burden faced by Filipinos amid the public health emergency.

“There is an urgent need for more health protection solutions in the country because of COVID-19. As a company that values life, health and security, our message during this pandemic is straightforward and simple – Pru Life UK is here to support you and will continue to be a trusted partner across the different stages of your life journey,” De Rosas added

Pru Life UK previously announced the extension of the grace period for premium payments with due dates from February 16 until June 30, 2020 to ensure uninterrupted protection for its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. The grace period now covers 60 days from the standard 31 days for all policyowners nationwide.

In addition, Pru Life UK is offering an additional hospital benefit of Php 1,000 daily for customers who are hospitalized due to the virus. This applies to insured customers whose life insurance policy is in force with the Hospital Income Rider, issued on or before January 31, 2020.

Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more information about the said products.


  1. Wow! This is great. I am actually looking for an insurance for me and my wife but since I am in Saudi Arabia, it's hard to find people who will entertain me. Been trying to connect to some agents but they are least interested or very passive whenever they find out I am currently in Saudi Arabia. I will let my sister know about this and my wife and I'll try to look into this offer.

    BTW, I saw your link in Filipino Bloggers Worldwide FB group. Feel free to visit your link there and you'll find me there.

  2. This is nice offer from Pru and yeah I availed it. :-)

    1. Glad that you took advantage of the free insurance coverage.


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