Hosaku Yakiniku, Hotpot, and International Buffet to open soon

Are you looking for a food adventure?  Craving for various eats that really satisfies?

Hosaku Yakiniku, Hotpot, and International Buffet is a new restaurant that will surely makes one's dining experience satisfactory! They have marinated and unmarinated options for a meat-all-you-can grilling feast.

This restaurant features a rotating conveyor belt with plates of ingredients delivered to your table for the taking. With automated food delivery system, vegetables, seafood, noodles,  and meat will be delivered to the diner's table without having to call a waitstaff.

Hosaku mixes hotpot with tabletop grill cooking. While it leans more on the pricier side, their hotpots are worth it. You can enjoy both for only P 699/head on weekdays, P 799/head on weekends.

Hotpots are completely customizable starting from the soup base down to the protein. You get to choose from the four kinds of broth (traditional sour, salty, pork bones and spicy (mala) served in a half-and-half pot.

Tofu, thin-sliced beef sirloin and excellent pork strips make good protein source for Shabu Shabu. If you would like to have more toppings, just choose from prawns, fresh greens, tofu, Enoki mushrooms (Enokitake), beech mushroom (shimeji), and more to add to it.

The hotpot is equipped with a switch that lifts the inner perporated tub from the simmering broth allowing you to control the doneness of vegetables.

This traditional Japanese restaurant also offers over a dozen type of filling ready to eat buffet dish options like fish fillet, chicken teriyaki, pork, beef stew, maki, sushi, kimchi and tempura on top of a salad station. The spread comes with a selection of cakes and ice cream plus imported beer, iced tea and local soda for drinks.

Mark your calendars for its  soft opening this 2020.

Hosaku Yakiniku, Hotpot, and International Buffet
Level 1, SM North Towers 2 North Avenue, QC


  1. Definitely trying out this place f I am ever in the area. It looks yummy!

  2. That all sounds pretty good - I love teryaki :)


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