Satisfying Boodle at Don Juan

Filipinos love food and for those who enjoy eating in groups, Don Juan Boodle, Ihaw-Ihaw atbp. packs up a perfect array of Filipino favorites such as such as grilled food and distinct local cuisines for a satisfying boodle fight food.

Don Juan recognizes that food tastes better when you eat with friends and family, and so has seven (7) specially-curated mouthwatering Barkada Boodles. Diners may choose from Taal Specialties Boodle, Seafood Boodle, Southern Tagalog Boodle, Davao Boodle, Inihaw Boodle and Military Boodle sets that are good for 5-6 persons. Don Juan Boodle, Ihaw-Ihaw atbp. also offers Taal Specialties, Southern Tagalog, and Inihaw Boodlelitos ideal for small groups of 3.

Don Juan encourages diners to use leaf plates.  They support  eating with your bare hands and this makes it very Filipino.

We ordered Inihaw Boodle (P 1,799) Military Boodle (P 1,299). Inihaw Boodle has Inihaw na Liempo, Inihaw na Pusit, Inihaw na Tilapia, Chicken BBQ, Pork BBQ, Tahong, Inihaw na Talong served with sliced tomatoes, onions, atsara and java rice.

Military Boodle on the other hand, has Chicken Pork Adobo, Pritong Manok, Pritong Talong, Pansit, Lechon Kawali, Tinapa, Nilagang Itlog served with watermelon, atsara, bagoong alamang, Lechon sauce and steamed rice.

In a short time the boodle sets were served. Mounds of food came in on wooden boards lined with banana leaves. And in the true spirit of a boodle fight, we found ourselves eating like soldiers --digging in the hefty spread and eating with our bare hands!

Big servings of Don Juan boodle sets are really made for sharing!

Don Juan Boodle, Ihaw-Ihaw atbp.
Second Floor
SM City Lemery, Batangas City