SamgyupKing opens its pilot restaurant at Fisher Mall QC

The diverse Japanese and Korean cuisine makes it a good choice for those searching for new flavors. And SamgyupKing lets you indulge in these savory finds as it opens at FisherMall!

We started with non-marinated chicken, pork and beef cuts first, and then moved on to their marinated ones.

More than kimchi and grilled meats, they have tempura, lettuce, buffalo wings, plus a good line up of skewers to indulge in. Their extensive array includes BBQ pork, pork intestines, fish balls and squid ball skewers as well.

Fire up the grill as you cook your own skewers right at your table with its unique automatic grilling system that evenly cooks your choice of street food! Their stainless steel barbeque equipment has a motor-driven spit that turns skewers over so that it cooks evenly on all sides.

There are fume extractor tubes installed directly above the round cooktop to remove odors, heat and steam during grilling. It sucks out the smoke making your grilling experience slightly more comfortable.

They offer a one time-serving of Ramen and your choice of Milk tea to match the grill flavors and textures.

SamgyupKing opens at 11 AM and for just paying 499 pesos per head, you will get a two-hour unlimited barbeque experience. Time starts as soon as heated charcoals hit the automatic grilling station assign to you.