The reinvented Food Choices at Glorietta 4 is a Perfect Food Hub

Most Filipinos frequent the malls for workday lunches and weekend bonding with the family over good food. Now, Glorietta 4 had relaunched Food Choices to guarantee a filling meal packed with flavor that will surely make you go back for more visits.

Located at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, the new Food Choices is spacious and cozy for instagram-worthy moments. The food court has well-styled backdrops, the right lighting, and the right amount of whimsy that gives a welcome feel for lunch dates, business meetings, family gatherings, or foodie adventures.

Looking for Italian, Singaporean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, American, or Japanese dishes? Name it, Food Choices has it.

With around 30 concessionaires, that includes Banh Mi Vietnamese, Birdhouse, BKK Express, Kosoo, Mabini's Kainan Kapihan, Mesa Steak Sizzlers, Mr. Chops, Kraken Takoyaki, Reyes BBQ Sushi Nori, Wangfu Express etc., it boasts of food diversity located all in one place! Food Choices offers a well-curated mix of local and international cuisines carefully crafted by the best chefs! It is the place to go to experience different local and international specialties under one roof.

Do visit Food Choices Glorietta 4 at the 3rd floor of Ayala Center, Makati City soon.